West Edmonton Mall

Last saturday, after my shift, we decided to take another 3-hour long drive up north to West Edmonton Mall [WEM]. WEM is located in Edmonton, Alberta and is the largest shopping mall in North America and the fourth largest in the world.

WEM have over 800+ stores, food court and a lot of restaurants, a waterpark, an amusement park, 2 mini golf course, cinemas, ice skating rink, bowling center and arcades...

I took more than 150 pictures for the 4 hours that we were there.

Europa Boulevard was converted into a movie set
The movie "Christmas in Wonderland" was shot here

Below Europa Boulevard is Professor WEM's Adventure Golf

And this is the other Putt 'n' glow golf

Pirates of the Mall

The Santa Maria

Sunken submarine

World Waterpark

Ice Palace

Deep Sea Derby

[Live] Flamingo Bay

We left Calgary at 2pm, reached WEM at 5:30pm... Left WEM at 10pm and got home at around 1am... so I was like a zombie during my sunday shift which starts at 5am! The only thing we were able to do was take pictures and play the putt 'n' glow golf! Bitin!

We plan to go back and make it into a whole day affair [from opening to closing].


World's 10 Largest Shopping Malls
as of January 2007

  1. South China Mall, Dongguan, China
  2. Golden Resources Shopping Mall, Beijing, China
  3. SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Philippines
  4. West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  5. SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City, Philippines
  6. Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  7. Beijing Mall, Beijing, China
  8. Zhengjia Plaza, Guangshou, China
  9. SM City North Edsa, Quezon City, Philippines
  10. King of Prussia Mall, Philadelphia, Pennysylvania, USA


niceheart said...

We are going on a 5-day road trip later this month to go to West Edmonton Mall. Our first road trip ever and we're excited about this. :)

It's a 14-15 hour drive from Winnipeg to Edmonton.

lady cess said...

natuwa nga din ako sa edmonton mall na yan, saw it being featured in a tv show. pero talaga?? mas malaki ang mall of asia? at 3 of the 10 malls from pinas? ok ah! thanks for the info.

Raquel said...

Grabe ang laki ng mall, with 800+ stores, ilang araw kaya malibot yan.

Wow, 3 shopping malls in the Philippines are included in the list.

Thanks for the tour Jo...malapit ka ng uuwi ha.

ann said...

Sulit naman pala yang 3 hrs drive nyo sa mall na yan.

Hindi naman pala nahuhuli ang pinas sa ibang malls.

Lapit na bakasyon nyo.

evi said...

i know china will come first but had no idea that philippines is third with two more in the top ten and beating edmonton mall.

Junnie said...

on a given day, pag trapik, it also takes 3.5 hrs from Bicutan to SM Megamall, 2 hrs to look for parking :)

Mitzi has gone there but wasnt impressed with the stores, hindi raw pang shopping. Its a cross between stores in Virra Mall and Cubao, and one strip na Powerplant/Rustan's.

You will see Mall of Asia - SOON! yun ang impressive.

JO said...

Hi Irene,
I'm sure you're going to enjoy your trip to WEM. You should also see Jasper since you're in Edmonton already. I think its just about 2-3 hours drive more.

Hi Cess,
WEM used to be the third largest mall in the world, until MOA was built. ",)

Hi Raquel,
The 800+ stores contains a lot of signature stores too [like Lacoste, Tommy H, Roots, Banana Republic...] so it is not really cheap to shop there.

JO said...

Hi Ann,
Mas sulit siguro kung walang mga kids na kasama, para maikot ko ang mga shopping malls.

Hi Evi,
I had no idea that 8 of the 10 in the list will be from Asis too until I did my own research.

Hi Junnie,
The distance from Calgary to WEM is about 290 km, which is also the distance from Manila to Baguio City. Yup, medyo expensive ang mga stores na nadooon, pero may mga $ stores din sila at Winners at Zellers, so ok ma din sa akin yun.

Patrice said...

Wow! What a beautiful mall! That is why I miss the Philippines. Here the malls are all one-story and not much to walk around in.

marie said...

Grabeeeeh! Ang ganda namang mall niyan! So next time maaga kayo alis para di masyado late uwi.
BTW, Jo, Mall of Asia is in Pasay City baka nagka mali ka lang ng type.

Bugsybee said...

Woooow! 800+ stores??? And to think that each time I go to Mall of Asia which is the Philippines' biggest, I am not able to pass by (pass by lang ha) all the stores because I'd always feel tired. This incredibly big! And beautiful, too. Well worth the trip and the 150 pictures.

pining said...

such a wonderful mall that is :-)
why am I not surprised the Philippines have 3 of the biggest malls in the world...

JO said...

Hi Patrice,
This mall is only 2-storey high too.

Hi Marie,
Next time we plan to take a swim in the waterpark and the amusement park, so dapat maaga talaga para sulit ang all-day pass.

Hi Bugsy,
I'm sure kakapagod ikutin ang malaking mall. Nakakalula nga ang dami ng stores eh!

Hi Pining,
Big shoppers/spenders kasi ang mga pinoy!

MommyBa said...

I have been to WEM before and sobrang na-impress din ako sa laki nya. It was no good to explore the mall alone so I just went back to my hotel after spending half of the day there. Maybe next time I can bring along someone and explore the rest of the areas I haven't been to.

I live 5 mins away from MOA. If you love to go malling, then it's definitely the place for you and your family.

So excited to see you very soon!

Heart of Rachel said...

Great shots! Wow, all those bigger than life attractions. I'm sure my son would love that place. Live flamingos? Now, that's cool.

Gina said...

I wouldn't mind going to that mall "all armed" with lots of money in my purse (sigh)...Better still I wouldn't mind going to the new Mall of Asia in the Philippines with a lot of money in my purse! =) Hey, malapit na ang much awaited vacation mo with your family..I'm sure you all are getting really excited. You probably will check out the new mall ano?

MrsPartyGirl said...

wow, a mall-rat's paradise! well, 4th paradise. :) i miss pinas tuloy, pero i can just imagine kung gaano kalaki yung mall #1 sa china kung yung mall of asia and WEM are already so big.

sana malaki din pocketbook ko para hindi naman puro pagod lang, may take home na shopping goodies din, hehehe.

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

thanks for posting the malls, i was about to google it awhile back coz we were discussing with my husband the list over lunch.

i've been to king of prussia, it's huge talaga.

bitin naman talaga yung 5 hours pag ganun ka laki mall, i agree make it a whole day affair next time, para sulit naman yung 3 hr drive

May said...

I love going to the mall. Kahit walang bibilhin basta tambay lang ok na. Para kasing isang malaking playground yun for Zia. Mall of Asia is huge but what's amusing is the view of the bay. you can watch the sunset from one of the restos facing the bay.

JO said...

Hi Liz,
No fun nga to go to mall alone, next time, invite me! I will definitely go to MOA.

Hi Rach,
Thanks! I'm sure your son will love it very very much!!! [just like my kids]

Hi Gina,
I wish I am all armed as well!

JO said...

Hi Meeya,
I may have been to the one in Beijing, but am not so sure. Enjoy na din akong mag window shopping as long as I don't have the kids with me. ",)

Hi Girlie,
Definitely will be back there soon... we didnt get the chance the explore the whole mall yet.

Hi May,
My kids don't like the malls, unless they spend the time in playgrounds [like the mini golf] or arcades. When I go through stores na, they always say they're tired or hungry or wants me to buy them toys.... haaaaay!

Francesca said...

Olalalahh, yan ang nakakamiss sa France, walang ganun dito nyan!

meron lang HUGE GROCERY pero yung malls, kasing liit lang ng landmark sa Pinas, huhu

May said...

We have another mall named, Trinoma in QC. It's owned by the Ayalas so may pagka-greenbelt ang dating but I heard maganda raw. I haven't been there myself but will soon.

JO said...

Hi Francesca,
I guess people in France doesn't have time to go to the mall... hehehe...

Hi May,
Newly open? I'll include that in my itinerary when I see my friends in QC.