B is for Boss

The youngest brother of my MIL is Francis. He is 47 years old and we all call him Boss. Even my kids call him Lolo Boss. He has down-syndrome, being born during the menopausal year of their mom. My MIL is the oldest child, hence, she is the one taking care of Boss.

Boss loves to eat! It's his weakness. He loves coke, he can drink a 2L coke in half a day! He has no control of his consumption. He loves sugar free coffee! He loves menthol candy! He can eat a pack of candy in 1 day too. He also loves to scribble and would always ask for used paper and black pentel pen to write with. He doesn't use pen or pencil or crayons, just black pentel pen!

He is very thoughtful when it comes to remembering people's birthday and even anniversary. He is present in all party! And the party wouldn't be complete if he doesn't sing and dance.

He calls people up in the morning just to say "good morning" and "I love you"... and then again he calls the same people up in the evening to say "good evening or good night." His phone calls would last 1-2 minutes only, but its a routine for him. If he gets a busy signal, he will try and try again until he said his "good morning or good night." He is very friendly and loves meeting people.

He spent his day eating, watching TV and napping/sleeping... he wakes up middle of the night just to say "welcome home" to me and the kids or to any balikbayan.

With his share from the property that was sold, he was able to travel to HongKong, see the Great wall of China, and has even travelled all the way to the USA. He said his next stop would be Canada.

He goes to church every saturday night and on his birthday, by himself. [The church is one block away from the house.] He even wakes up at 3am to attend the Simbang gabi mass every year. He would always sit on the 3rd row, just behind the choir. Making him part of the choir because he loves to sing.

Boss has a world of his own, and yet he makes the life of people around him very happy and thankful that he is a part of their life. There is no reason for this post, its not his birthday or anything... I just thought I'd blog about him and his thoughtfulness and friendliness.

La Luz, Batangas


duke said...

JO, that was an inspirational post!

thanks for sharing :)

Raquel said...

Interesting, inspiring and moving post Jo. Hopefully, he will be traveling in Canada too.

Thank you for sharing.

Linnor said...

Boss has a very pure heart...

MommyBa said...

I'm wishing for the same for our special guy, Dexter. Sana makatravel din sya to different places. I'm sure he'll love it.

Although Boss can do more things than Dex, I know that they're equally blessed and both our families are blessed to have have them. They're a challenge to have but definitely a treasure!

Heart of Rachel said...

He sounds like a really wonderful person. It must be great having someone like him around because of the positive vibes that he bring to people.

Francesca said...

People like Boss , kaka jealous.
They dont have worries in life.
They dont experience to be hurt.

Their life is more at peace with the world.

evi said...

it's very unlikely for someone to call day and night to greet people. so, the fact that he does is remarkable. he is definitely a gem in the family.

JO said...

Hi Duke,

Hi Raquel,
He is counting on going to Canada next June, in time for hubby's birthday.

Hi Linnor,
Yes he does.

Hi Liz,
You'll meet Boss on the 12th. And I believe he brings us goodluck too.

JO said...

Hi Rach,
Yes it does. You'll meet him at Patricia's birthday party.

Hi Francesca,
Boss is lucky too... because we all love road trips [Manila-Tagaytay], he gets to join the fun too!

Hi Evi,
If he is able to dial long distance, I'm sure he will call us everyday too...

girlie said...

i'm touched by him, we tend to overlook the things he is doing, like making phone calls to our lovedones, remembering birthdays and anniversaries. the boss is a treasure

JO said...

Hi Girlie,

Agring said...

Very inspiring post Jo! Thank you for sharing. He is a remarkable Boss!

Junnie said...

sometimes, even those that we consider to have some incapacities, are those that provide us inspiration to continue on running the race - called life.

for them, they are complete and everything is possible. we hope we can be the same for others too. even just to ourselves na lang.

JO said...

Hi Agring,
Thank you too.

Hi Junnie,
Have you seen/met Boss?