Highlights of our Manila Trip

Please welcome a new addition to the family,
cousin Rafael Luis [August 1, 2007]

Patricia's happy face when she opened her gift from us...
A Nintendo DS light in pink color. [August 8, 2007]

Patricia's birthday celebration continues at the driving range.
Kids having fun despite the heavy rain.
[August 8, 2007]

Pandan Island, Puerto Princesa, Palawan
[August 13, 2007]

A male mushroom?
St. Paul's Underground River
Puerto Princesa, Palawan [August 14, 2007]


Another daring ride for Patricia!

As always, we were on the front row!

Space Shuttle, Enchanted Kingdom

Patrick's first attempt at Go-Kart
Enchanted Kingdom [August 27, 2007]


  • The food was always overflowing, every single day... I think I gained 10+ pounds already! I didn't really want to check my weight! ^-^

  • The kids had lots of fun playing and swimming at the beach in La Luz, Batangas and snorkling at Honday Bay, Palawan.

  • I had 3 body massages! I would recommend the body massage at Marrionaud, Mall of Asia. Thanks to Liz for her generous gift certificate which I enjoyed to the max!

  • I had fun meeting Rach [who travelled all the way from Batangas to Makati just to meet me] and Liz at Friday's Glorietta! Rach and I are excited to try earning a little money with our blogs. Thanks to Liz for info! Now, if only I can find the time to start it. It was great to finally have met some nice and down to earth bloggers.

  • Special thanks to Lam [a college friend] and Espie [my best friend in grade school] who both lives in HongKong for coming to Manila just to meet me and our other friends.

  • With hubby's short 2-week vacation in Manila, we were not able to go out on dates! His sched was just too hectic! On the days that we go out by ourselves [without the kids], we meet friends... and when we go shopping, we go our separate ways too, just to save time.

  • I was able to watch 3 movies while I was there [though not with hubby] -- A love story [Aga Muhlach], Rush Hour 3 [Jackie Chan] and Bourne Ultimatum [Matt Damon]. I missed watching movies in a big screen!

  • Patrick had his circumcision done in the Philippines. He was in pain the day of the surgery, but after that, he was his normal self... though he was only able to walk properly a week after his surgery. Hence my plan for a trip to Cebu had to be cancelled.

  • After weeks of avoiding driving a stick shift, I was left with no choice when we decided to go to Enchanted Kingdom with my inlaws... There's just not enough room for all of us in a car. And I didn't want to burden my FIL to drive for us, so I volunteered to drive! And I made it! It was hard the first few minutes but once we were on the highway, it wasn't bad anymore.

  • Our overnight stay at Canyon Woods, Tagaytay was a total rip off! Check in time is 3pm and check out is at 11am. We checked in Thursday about 3:30pm, and later on found out that everything closes at 5pm! We initially ask the receptionist for the free use of the pool, which she "unwillingly" gave us coupon for and neglect to inform us that the pool closes at 5pm! There was basically nothing to do there! It's a good thing I have my magic sing, so we just sang our hearts out! But only up to 10pm, house rules. Friday morning, we availed of the pool and that was it... it was time to check out and hit the road. Prices are quite ridiculous!

  • I got ripped off my 2 crocodiles [policemen]. I didn't really want to go to LTO to claim my license, too much hassle. So I ask them if I could just pay for my penalty so I will get my license back and get a receipt from them. They said "yes" I can do that... so I ask how much? They say P500 for turning left on a no left turn road. [I honestly didn't see a no left turn sign]. So after I gave them the P500, they say that they cannot issue me a receipt there, but that they will give me back my license.

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MommyBa said...

Hiya! Welcome back to Canada!

I sincerely thank you for spending the time out to meet me and Rach despite your very busy schedule. It's really been a while since I last went on an EB and it was just worthwhile to meet someone as beautiful as you are, inside and out.

I'm sure your stay here was fabulous and memorable despite some hassles you have to go through. I'm sure the kids are happy because they spent these precious days with you.

Keep in touch, dear! I really treasure the friendship we started and I'm looking forward to this being a lasting one despite the distance.

*hugs* Gotta go to work now. :)

Francesca said...

what, palawan, wow!
sarap don! yan ang dream ko puntahan with Lolo!

saya saya naman ng holidays nyo!

evi said...

are you back?

i like nintendo ds for me. hehe... we haven't been to palawan. i hope you can go there on our next visit. kelan kaya? maybe five years from now. magastos eh. by that time, axel can be circumcised.

rach lives in batangas?

ei, i want to see that movie of aga muhlach, maricel soriano and angelica panganiban. buti ka pa.

wala talagang receipt yang mga police na yan. syempre derecho na sa bulsa nila yung pera.

Raquel said...

Hi Jo, welcome back!

Daming highlights..nakapunta pala kayo sa Palawan. Wow! Pumasok pa kayo sa Underground River Cave, I want more photos. *wink*

Oi, may binata ka na...lalaking lalaki na ngayon si Patrick.

Don't worry about gaining more than 10+lbs...babalik din dati mong figure especially when you go back to work. I saw your picture on Patricia's birthday, you're not fat at all than I thought.

JO said...

Hi Liz,
Thanks! The feeling is mutual.

Hi Francesca,
Kayang kaya mo mag Palawan! May mga promo naman kasi ang PAL, affordable na din, huwag lang 5-star accommodation ang hanapin mo.

Hi Evi,
Yes, I am back! Plan your next visit well in advance... I feel like I wasted a few days too due to lack of planning... plus the typhoon and flood that kept me at home for 2 days. Yes, taga Batangas si Rach. Her travel time is approx 4 hours one way!

hi Raquel,
Thanks! More photos to follow... just check out my family website in the next couple of days [do you still have the URL?]

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jo. Glad you and your family got home safely.

Thank you for taking time to meet me and Liz despite your busy schedule. I really enjoyed our lovely chat. Looking forward to that blogging opportunity. In fact, I registered and got approved on PPP but just have to figure out how to get a paypal account (I asked Liz and she texted me helpful tips).

Reading the comments above and just wanted to say that 3-4 hours travel time is just brought about by all the construction at south. But normally it's just 1 1/2 hours from my place to makati. Hay, sana matapos na yung mga construction na yan para back to normal ang travelling time.

Wow, front row on the space shuttle. Hope Patricia wasn't disappointed after trying so many thrilling rides in the past.

I love the Palawan picture of the kids with the trail of star fish. Actually, I haven't been to Palawan yet. It's on my list of places to visit in the country.

Thanks again Jo for being so thoughtful and warm. Take care and best regards to your lovely family.

Junnie said...

woohoo!!! Canada missed you!

tamang tama ang dating niyo for opening of school...im sure the kids had a grand time in the Philippines...and will change their memories of mosquitoes and flies :P

Sige dahan dahan lang ang pag balik as in every vacation, there is a post partum separation anxiety from all the ingay and saya that Manila brings!

JO said...

Hi Rach,
Thanks! Space shuttle was the more daring ride for her! this one has loop, her previous roller coaster ride doesn't have loops.

You should visit palawan, PAL has packages that makes it affordable na din.

Hi Junnie,
I just realized that I still have to pay for the school fees/ school bus and buy their school supplies... and classes starts in 5 days! Gotta move fast and no time for jetlag!

Patrice said...

Welcome back! Looks like you enjoyed your trip back to the Phil. tremendously (except for the incidents with the cops). I admire you because you had the courage to drive there. don't think I could since my family lives in Pasig. Just thinking of the traffic in Ortigas makes me grind my teeth. Hehe. Haven't been to Palawan yet but do you think it would be safe to bring a foreigner there? Before I left some foreigners were abducted from the Pearl Farm in Davao and another resort in Puerto Princesa ( forgot the name).

Agring said...

Wow! welcome back Jo. You really had a great trip in Pinas. Sulit talaga!
Yong mga police pinagpirahan ka lang talaga noh!

JO said...

Hi Patrice,
I had no choice! I need to drive or else I won't be able to go anywhere. Palawan is a famous tourist spot, there are a lot of foreigners there, so I think it is pretty safe.

Hi Agring,
Thanks! Miss na namin ang Pinas!

lady cess said...

wow, time flies fast ha? last time i checked you were overwhelmed being here. ngayon andyan ka na. glad to know you had so much fun. patricia's pic with her new nintendo is really cute. :)

marie said...

oh you had fun that's good! dapat talaga once in a while kailangan ang break. Have a great week ahead.

JO said...

Hi Cess,
Patricia has been waiting for her NDSL for 4 months now... :-)

Hi Marie,
Yes, we all had fun! Medyo bitin nga ang bakasyon ni hubby eh, 2 weeks lang kasi siya sa pinas... kami 1 month!

Tani said...

Hi Jo. Sorry I wasn't able to catch up with you girls and meet you. After the whole-day review, hubby picked me up and we went straight home. Totally forgot. I'm sure you girls had fun though. :)

MrsPartyGirl said...

wow super kumpleto ang pinas vacation niyo :D sulit na sulit talaga!

now comes the hard part - going back to the old routine at home. dibale you have lots of memories naman to hold on to when you start to miss home. (except for the buwayas, of course!)

welcome home!

JO said...

Hi Tani,
Sayang... maybe next time...

Hi Meeya,
Thanks! Yes, it was indeed full of memories that comes with lots of food! Sana maulit muli...

auee said...

hi Jo! Request naman for more pictures haha I just need to see more of home I guess
:-) Maligaya na ko nun.

I'm sorry to hear about your experience about Canyon Woods. Did you stay in the lodge or did you rent a house? Do you know a resident? The reason I'm asking is I've been there twice though not overnight and always before lunch. I enjoyed it immensely. In fact, hubby & I plan to bring our extended family there next year. What do you think? Email mo naman ako hehe dseneca(at)gmail. Request na naman!


JO said...

Hi Auee,
My MIL is a member of Canyon Woods so we have a free boucher for a free stay in one of their casitas. But we used it on the wrong day, kaya sayang! Still they could have serve us better, pero mga walang pakialam din ang mga employees doon, kaya double pikon!