Manila update #3

I am very poor with direction. I would always get lost especially at night time. I could even get lost inside the tiangge at Greenhills/Tutuban mall.

On my first day here in Manila, we went to the doctor [Makati Medical Center] then to Glorietta. No problem going there, but I did had problem coming home.

The streets seems to be familiar with me, but with so many changes, it was just hard for me to recognize my turns. And there are not enough street signs to guide me.

It all started with me missing my turn from Edsa to South Super Hway, I was in the wrong lane, the lane going to Baclaran. I told myself, no problem, I'll just take the route to the airport then Sucat road. But then, I couldn't see the street to turn, so I ended up in Roxas Blvd on my way to CCP. Duh? So a quick u-turn led me back to Roxas going back to Baclaran [again]. And then I found myself in Sucat Road, but by then, it was traffic already due to El Shaddai's followers.

After that, I would always ask for direction before I go somewhere. I need to see the picture of the roads in my mind. That way, I would know if I should stick on the right side or the left side of the road. Hehehe...

Yesterday, I went to Chinatown in Binondo then to Eastwood Mall in Libis... and I didn't get lost [technically]. But I used up most of my load making calls to get direction! hahaha.... This is actually my second time in Eastwood Mall. The first time was with hubby who does the driving in 2002!

It was difficult for me to drive again... I couldn't understand why other drivers do not stick to their lane, not only that, they are driving in the middle of the road divider, which means they are occupying 2 lanes! Arrrgh. A 2-lane road becomes 3-lane road! Anyway, I don't want to whine about this. The mere fact that I was able to drive in Edsa, Roxas Blvd and South Super Hway on my first day here is a good sign already! Eh?!

Next on my driving list is going to Tagaytay. Wish me luck!


evi said...

wag ka na umasa dyan sa pinas. eh yung pagitan nga between vehicles ay inches lang. yung 2-lane pwede maging 4-lane. hehe... ingat sa pag-drive!

MommyBa said...

I'm so happy and sad for you at the same time because of all the hassles you have to go through beating Manila traffic. Nakakaloka talaga ang mga drivers dito. Kung makakapatay nga lang ang magmura at hindi ito masama, malamang every single day, hindi bababa sa 10 ang mappatay mo. LOL!

Anyway, prices here have all gone up. Pandak na lang ang hindi tumataas. Pero meron pa ring mga deals na sobrang sulit comparing it to Canadian prices.

Try having a full body massage at Marrionaud. From Mon-Wed, they offer it at half the price. You won't regret the full, 1st class service you'll get. Sa Mall of Asia sya located. :)

I can't wait to see you. Maybe you could e-mail me your mobile number so we could send each other messages or I can just call you. Looking forward to hear from you :)

*hugs* It's just great to be reading about your Manila escapades. I hope your little guy's doing fine now.

JO said...

Hi Evi,
I know... kakainis lang kasi feeling ko gusto akong banggain ng lahat ng tao. hehehe... but i am getting used to it na, magaling na din akong sumingit.

Hi Liz,
Hassles are part of the fun! hehehe... I just had a full body massage yesterday at Piandre. Sarap ng feeling. Will try Marrionaud next time an lang. Thanks and be seeing you soon.

Raquel said...

Manila is a busy place, I am not familiar in this city though. Kahit saan jan ganyan ang mga drivers natin, especially mga PUJ drivers. Ha-ha-ha, sabi din ni hubby, ang 1 lane daw becomes 3 lanes.

How did you get/renew your Philippine driver's license?

Konteng ingat Jo especially palabas going to Tagaytay.

Junnie said...

the universe is conspiring for you to get lost para you can rekindle memories from the past with the same areas....masarap maligaw - nagiging joy ride....that's for me, i hope its true to you too :)

auee said...

Reality check, you're in Pinas & you expect the drivers to stay in their lane? Wishing for the moon there

I never get lost as I never drive. hehe Easy-peasy.

You seem to be everywhere -- nakakainggit!!

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
I dont have phil DL anymore, expired na, at wala na din akong balak na i-renew. Puwede naman ang Canadian license ko eh.

Hi Junnie,
Well, its not joy ride for me esp if I can't find my way at night... hehehe. Mike is here na, kailan tayo magkikita?

Hi Auee,
Oo nga, alam ko naman na yan, pero nakakainis pa din! Feeling ko mas naging worst ang mga drivers dito than 5 years ago.

ann said...

Sa tagal mo nga na di nauwi eh maninibago ka talaga. Pag naman medyo sanay ka na baka pabalik ka na ng canada...hehehe.

Enjoy your stay there. Happy weekend!

Heart of Rachel said...

It's great that you're able to drive around in Manila. Hay naku, some drivers can really be "consciously absent-minded" about traffic rules.

Take extra care on the road.

JO said...

Hi Ann,
Buti na lang at mabilis akong mag adjust...

Hi Rach,
I need to drive, or else wala akong mapupuntahan! I prefer to drive than commute.

niceheart said...

Oh! You're in Manila already, and blogging. Wow!

Me too, I think I'll get lost there. Haven't been back there in a really long time. Not that I would be driving. Kahit siguro sa pagco-commute, I won't know which route to take. :)

Mich said...

wow, galing, you were able to drive again in Manila, on your first day pa! :) congrats! hehehe!

girlie said...

it's been like that Jo, a lot of crazy drivers, i can be one of them, hehe. ganon halos lahat ng reklamo ng mga balikbayans, why cna't drivers stay in their lanes ^_^

JO said...

Hi Irene,
Yes, been here for over a week already.

Hi Mich,
Thanks! Obvious bang lakwatsera? hehehe

Hi Girlie,
I am getting used to it by now... hehehe