Manila Update #4

Random things --

  1. Most of my friends have 2 cellphones! One from a reliable network provider and the other is from Sun, who provide unlimited calls and texting within Sun users. A very good deal indeed! So for those balikbayans, get a SUN cell once you get here. It will definitely saves you a lot of money!
  2. Night life in Manila have shift to the morning... due to the numerous call center located in Metro Manila, beer drinking is now being done after their shift, which means you can see people drinking as early as 7 or 8am.
  3. There's limited free parking space anymore! I've been spending an average of P50 to P100 on parking alone everytime I go out.
  4. Shopping in Tutuban/168 mall can really put a whole in your pocket. Para siyang gripong tumutulo. But it is where you can find the best bargain.
  5. I also notice that the sizes here have shrunk a lot... My size in Canada is Medium, here, its either XL or DXL. It felt embarrassing asking for a DXL size. This is especially true for the clothes they sell at Tutuban/168 mall.
  6. One of my friend bring about P10,000+ cash with her on a daily basis! Is this normal??? She said she's not into using credit card very much.
  7. My niece and nephew leave home at around 6am for school and doesn't get home till about 7 or 8pm. Another friend of mine has almost the same sched. I remember I used to wake up at 6:00am and be at school at 7:30am and go home at 4:30pm.
  8. People here can compose a text message even without looking at the keypad. Me, I can't even text when I am walking. I have to stop on one side to answer a text message.
  9. My kids love the fact that they are allowed to sit in the passenger seat... and that they are not required to wear their seat belt at the back... but I still ask them to wear their seat belt all the time. Better to be safe than sorry.
  10. My grocery bill for our first 7 days was approximately PHP 6400 [CDN$ 152]! I'm sure this isn't normal, right?
  11. It's nice to be a balikbayan because all my friends are treating me for lunch/dinner, even for spa/massage... they also pay for things that I wanted to buy like Pinoy CDs and books and clothes... :,) They also spoil my kids with ice cream and other goodies. Ain't I lucky to have friends like them! Thank you gals!
  12. Prescription medicine in Canada can be bought over the counter here in the Philippines. So I didn't need to see a doctor when my son wasted all of his eyedrop.


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jo. I only have one cellphone but I also know some friends who keep two for separate networks.

Ang mahal ng parking ngayon especially in Makati. At least in Alabang, fixed fee.

See you tom.

Raquel said...

Oh about SUN, I heard they are only good in Luzon and big cities. I wish SUN will provide a good signal in rural areas too.

Talagang iba na ang pinas ngayon Jo.

Btw, mahilig ka ba sa mga pirated CD's? Maraming pirated software jan at mura pa. I bought the CS3 for only Php 300 lang.

iskoo said...

siguro talagang maliliit ang sizes ng asian lalo na ang pinoy kumpara sa mga puti. o kaya nagtitipid manufacturers dito sa pinas para mas kumita kung liliitan nila sizes nila. hehe

evi said...

haha... grabe jo ngayon lang ako nakarinig ng DXL. ang alam ko lang XXL. san based ang sizes na yan? sobrang liit naman yung body non. you're not even big, jo. how come DXL ka?

normal ang daily allowance of 10K sa mga mayaman. rich yang friend mo ha. hihi...

o sanay ako sa text. hehe...

ang mura ng grocery di ba?

JO said...

Hi Rach,
I guess normal people have 1 cellphone... and weird people have 2... like hubby's friends... hehehe... [joke lang]

Hi Raquel,
Yes, they have limited signal, that's why people have 2 cell. I've been to Ruins, sobrang daming pirated na CDs... I might buy Grey's Anatomy. hehehe

Hi Iskoo,
Welcome back to blogging! Sorry di pa ako maka pag blog hop masyado, pero nakita ko sa bloglines ko na may update ka na.

Hi Evi,
DXL [double XL] is XXL. Para akong suman pag L or XL lang... kakainis nga eh! Grocery here is cheaper than in Canada, pero up to now, na sho-shock pa din ako sa presyo. I feel na if I have my old income here, it may not be enough for my expenses. Anyway, that's another topic to blog.

tani said...

Hi Jo. P6,400-worth of groceries per week is normal. Bringing with your P10,000 everyday is a luxury. Unless of course you don't spend all P10,000 in one day. P10,000/week of expenses is enough for a family of 4 like mine.

Francesca said...

haha, na culture shock ka ba?
Kaya yung iba, two weeks pa lang sa pinas, nag kakas kas na ng card, la na cash!

di bale, pag balik sa canada, aba eh, hataw na naman pulot dollars sa garden!!

lady cess said...

youre having the time of your life, it's all over here :) kahit maraming gastos, hehehe.

Mich said...

p10k/day!? wow, that's too much. hehe, maybe kuripot lang ako kaya p10k/day is way too much for me. Parking is really expensive too. So minsan mas ok mag-commute na lang...

JO said...

Hi Tani and Mich,
She doesn't spend it all naman, but that's how much she carries on a daily basis. Besides she has her own business, so I guess she does it that much as her operating expenses.

Hi Francesca,
Hindi naman culture shock... nakakagulat lang.

Hi Cess,
Definitely am enjoying ourselves here!

Christine said...

ang yaman nga ng friend mo bringing 10kphp every day. :-)

miss ko na mag balikbayan! enjoy your stay in pinas!

MrsPartyGirl said...

you need more friends like them kung gusto mong makatipid sa pinas hahaha! or, pa-ampon ka sa friend mo who carries 10k around. :)

anyway, si ninna din i insisted that she used her carseat sa pinas kasi ayaw ko siyang masanay without it. baka pagbalik dito akala niya pwedeng di siya naka-carseat, lagot kami sa pulis hehe.

i enjoy your observations! :D

Junnie said...

just a friendly reminder as this happened on our way back from the Philippines:

- there is secondary xray on your 2nd stop (Korea or Japan) and they are strict on CDs that are tuck inside books or magazines. One of the youth found this the hard way and she was asked to explain why a DVD was inside a book as shown in the xray map. Good thing it was original.

- no food whatsoever. so that you dont have to declare and delay your exit from Canada immigration and customs. they know how much we love fruits, chicharon and balut :) the lady explicitly asked me the last 2.

- NAIA doesnt care whether your 2 bags are 50lbs each...they just get the cumulative total of both bags for 1 person; unlike Canada and the US that it should be exactly 50 lbs per baggage.

- Php 750 na ang Airport fee per person, not Php 550

yun lang ang maisip ko for now..

vernaloo said...

hey so true about the hours students spend in school nowadays. During my time, its the same as you mentioned. I guess it's because of the lack of classrooms and teachers...they say iba-iba daw yung schedule ng classes. But you said your pamangkins spend almost the whole day in school na..hmmm bakit kaya? traffic?

gracita said...

oh my, you have such nice friends!! you are the balikbayan and they are the ones who treats you? samin, hindi ganon. since ako ang galing "abroad", i am always the "taya"!

Love said...

you can actually bring fruits to canada but not if you have a stopover in japan and usa. i've brought a box of mangoes before and declared it.

for dvds, i bought the cd/dvd cases which hold 40 dvds and didn't bring the individual case anymore. that way you can bring more dvds without the hassle.

glad you're enjoying your vacation.

marie said...

I maintain 2 phones too, tipid kasi Sun specially if you have circle of friends who are sun subscribers din. 150.00 lang ang load good for one month na, mura di ba?
When kayo uwi?

JO said...

Hi Christine,
Thanks! Uwi na!

Hi Meeya,
Oo nga, I'm lucky to have friends like them... unlike hubby's friends, mga kuripot! hahaha

Hi Junnie,
Thanks for the tips. Will just snail mail the CDs mike bought, para walang hassle sa immigration.

Hi Verns,
my niece and nephew have sports and tutoring after classes... kaya medyo late na sila nakakauwi.

JO said...

Hi Gracita,
Hehehehe... malaki naman yata ang kita mo eh... ako, housewife lang... palamunin lang ng asawa.

Hi Love,
Thanks. But we fly via Narita, Japan, so no can do. And I don't have any plans to bring pirated DVDs with me.

Hi Marie,
Oo nga, kung alam ko lang, sana SUN na din ang kinuha ko. Kaya lang may globe na ako nung sinabi sa akin eh.