Patricia turns 7!

Milestones --

  1. She climb up the Great Wall of China the month she turned one with the help of her Ninong/Tito [Godfather/Uncle] Ritchie. She actually travelled from Manila - Canada - Manila - Beijing - Canada in one year.
  2. A flower girl at age 5.
  3. She loved Canada's Wonderland and was very daring to try new rides. A first for her!
  4. She finally said "yes" to have her ears pierced [November 2006] just before we moved to Calgary.
  5. She participated in the celebration of Ash Wedesday's at school. She actually read passages from the readings in front of the whole school. [2007]
  6. Tried her first rock climbing at the School fair. [June 2007]
  7. Cooking lessons: she made Banana Muffin and Baked Mussels.

Through the years --

to my little girl!


gracita said...

hi jo! happy happy birthday to patricia!! i hope she enjoyed or will be enjoying her party there in pinas! :)

are you enjoying your vacation? still getting lost? :)

take care!!

kai said...

Happy Birthday Patricia.

Wishing you good health and happiness always. Enjoy your day and vacation.

evi said...

happy birthday patricia! i know you'll grow up to be a fine lady like your mom.

Gina said...

Happy Birthday to the lovely young lady!

Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

marie said...

Belated Happy birthday to Patricia.
Still enjoying Manila? have a nice and safe vacation kahit maulan.

Raquel said...

Happy Birthday to Patricia! :)

JO said...

Hi Gracita, Kai, Evi, Gina, Marie and Raquel,

Thank you for your greetings! She had a fun day yesterday.

Next year, she will be 8 years old on 08-08 in the year 2008... Apat na 8 yan! interesting date.

Heart of Rachel said...

Happy 7th Birthday to Patricia! I'm excited to meet you and your family this Sunday.

Junnie said...


Happy Birthday to my favorite girl from Calgary....You're already 7, so big and so beautiful...will you still give Tito Junnie and Tita Mitzi a big hug and big kiss if we meet again...i hope you didnt forget us even if we're far from you na...just the same, enjoy Manila...and say hi to Ahia Patrick!

Tito Junnie


oy, August 8, pa rin ba sa Canada...hehehe, late na naman si Tito Junnie bumati...

but I love the Princess Pic in the middle of the collage, danda danda...i guess, since hindi naman ako nag go golf, if you and Mike are free on Friday night, you can drop by M Cafe for some coffee and drinks at 7PM...whatchatink?

Girlie said...

happy birthday Patricia!

so how did the birthday party go?

Bless said...

Happy birthday Patricia! Many more returns of the day! God bless you.

JO said...

Hi Rach,
See you tomorrow... 11am.

Hi Junnie,
Thanks! Patricia's happy for your message to her. Sayang, I wasn't able to read your message until this morning [saturday 10am]. Have a safe trip back home.

Hi Girlie,
Thanks! The party is tomorrow pa... but we did play golf on her birthday!

Hi Bless,