Photo Hunters: Happy

My nephews...
AM's happy to play big brother to baby AP!

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Junnie said...

speaking of sure your pic should be you and the kids ---- am sure you were happy with the almost month long vaca in the Philippines...2 more days na lang noh??? bitin ba?

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jo. You have cute nephews. I'm sure your kids are happy to meet their cousins.

Talking about happy, I feel exactly that. It's been a pleasure meeting you in person. Thanks for taking time for me and Liz despite your busy schedule.

Thanks for the delicious dinner and yummy dessert. Yohan is thrilled with his gift.

Take care and enjoy the remaining days of your vacation.

gwapasila said...

blog hopin`..very neat blog and I enjoyed my visit. Come and seemy houses if you have time later. TC.

vernaloo said...

ohh...that is so cute Jo :) few more days left? Well I'm pretty sure that you are having a great time...

JO said...

Hi Junnie,
Super happy! Just look at the pics in my new post.

Hi Rach,
Thanks! The feeling is mutual!

Hi Lutchi,
Welcome to my blog!

Hi Verns,

We are now back in Canada!