Connecting with the World

There are so many long distance calling services available around the world. I've had so many bad experiences with the prepaid cards that I used before. The voice prompt would tell my something like "you have 45 minutes left of talk time for this call." But my actual call would only last 8-10 minutes and then I would be cut off and then when I dial again I had zero balance already. So how do you choose the one with the best deal? Or the most reliable one? I try to stick to one company as long as it satisfies my needs.

Here’s my suggestion: Try Pingo. Pingo offers a "virtual card" service with cheap international calling cards, and there are no hidden charges or fees other than a 98 cents USD maintenance fee per month. For your convenience and for easy recall, you can assign your own account number and choose your own PIN. Now you can call anywhere in the world at anytime and at anyplace!

Sample rates for international calling cards [as of this posting] are as follows:

  • Call the Philippines from the US for as low as 13.8 cents/minute [USD]
  • Call the Philippines from Canada for only 16.2 cents/minute [USD]
  • Call the US from Canada for only 4.2 cents/minute [USD]
Current promo:
  • Just for signing up right now, you will receive up to 5 hours of FREE international calls!
  • Special phone card blog discount coupon: "ppp3" valid for $3 off Pingo.
  • Refer 3 friends and they will give you USD $20 worth of free calling time.