My new baby!

I just wanted to shop around last Thursday night to check out the different promo and other add ons and to see the actual car as I have a hard time visualizing myself inside a Yaris, Corolla, Fit and Civic. These are my 4 choices. I need to find out the monthly amortization before I can make a decision. I just don't want to live on a tight budget.

But since the promo is to sell off all 2007 remaining cars, and with a 2.9% financing rate for Honda and 3.9% for Toyota, the cars are selling like pancakes! 2007 Yaris, Corolla and Fit are all sold out! If I get a 2008 models, then the rate would be 5.9% or higher.

So with the last remaining stock for the Civic, and on hold for somebody else, I was really left with no choice but to put down my name as a backup in case that person decided to back out. I didn't even like the color but have no other choice. And I guess the car is really meant for me because that person did back out.

1:20 pm friday, the agent called me to say that I got the car... so I told him to send in my credit application which I signed the night before. By 2:55 pm, Honda called to say that I was approved already and wanted to schedule for the car pick up.

I wasn't really sure if I could get approved since I have just started working last week. They didn't even ask for my husband to signed as co-applicant or guarantor.

Imagine, with the rate that I got, and for 60 months, I am only paying $1.06 a day in interest plus $0.75 a day in taxes! And the car has power windows, power lock, air conditioning and a CD player that can also play MP3. Of course it has other features, but these are the most important to me... hehehe... I don't know anything about cars.

I really can't believe it... this is my first car, my new baby! Car that is registered to my name! I told the agent and my husband that buying a car is like going to the grocery to buy some eggs. It is that fast! I picked up the car last September 15 at 3pm! Yippppeeeee! Truly a dream come true!

[Please don't think that I am bragging... I am just too happy for myself.]


Raquel said...

You made a good choice Jo! Actually Honda is what I like too. Wowow, good deal...if I am not mistaken, you will only pay 3T something for the interest and taxes for 60 mos?

You';re not bragging, even me I will blog and tell the whole world of having a car in my own name.

Enjoy your new baby and drive safely.

Junnie said...

yay! Honda ulit! Tried and tested na kasi eh...remember our car Trixie? 90,000 kms na siya, and its just 2.5 yrs pa lang :) forced to good na naming you name your cars? dapat! para may kaibigan na si Trixie....

What about Vic? :P

denden said...

hi jo! congrats on the new car. show us pics :)

evi said...

congratulations on your new purchase, jo. i don't see it as bragging. not at all. you made a good choice. you will never go wrong with a japanese car. and with that interest rate, how can one resist?

Tani said...

Congratulations on your new car, Jo! Drive safely.

MrsPartyGirl said...

hi jo, you definitely have bragging rights! :) congratulations! tama sila, you can never go wrong with a japanese car. enjoy! :)

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Thanks! Something like that... the good part is I am allowed to pay it off before the term expires, which also means savings on interest paid.

Hi Junnie,
Didn't have much choice actually, its the only one available! No, I don't name cars... maybe I should? I'll ask Trish to name the car. :-)

Hi Denden,

JO said...

Hi Evi,
Thanks! Hubby's happy with my choice too! Medyo out of budget ng konti, pero kaya pa din.

Hi Tani,
Thanks a lot!

Hi Meeya,
Thanks! I am definitely enjoying my new baby!

jen said...

Jo, I agree with Junnie, Vic is a good name. Para when people ask you, what's the name of your car? ang sagot mo "car? si vic?"

Gosh, my humor is so grade school, that had me laughing so hard. :D

ann said...

Wow! Sarap yatang i drive ng sariling car. Pasakay ha, pag nagkita tayo.

JO said...

Hi Jen,
Oo nga... but I think I would prefer a girl name IF ever I do name my car.

Hi Ann,
Sure, kailan ba? Malapit na ba? We had our first snow today, but not that much... haaayy... sign of winter...

auee said...

Now that's bagging a "bargain"!

ladyc ess said...

kaya pala our relatives in calgary are buying one car after another. good deals pala talaga ang kotse dyan ngayon. they bought toyotas.

nga pala, i dont understand why i cant get your blog on my google reader. something like, hindi lang daw ito ang joarduo blogspot (?!). hindi tuloy ako updated sa yo.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jo! Congratulations on your newest baby! I think it's great that you finally got your dream. Sounds like a great deal too.

Out for a leisure drive this weekend? :) Have a wonderful time! Take care!

JO said...

Hi Auee,
Yes indeed!

Hi Cess,
I used bloglines as my blogroll... so I don't know about google reader.

Hi Rach,
It's getting colder now... seems like winter is almost here. We still don't have plans for this weekend.