New Purchases

Last Saturday, we had our first karaoke night as a family in our very own living room.

After 10 months of no TV at home, we finally bought a 32" Samsung LCD TV last Friday! The promo is "no interest for 24 months." The deal is too good to pass up.

We really need a TV for 2 things: one is for us to be able to use our newly acquired Magic Sing; and two, in preparation for the arrival of my inlaws next month. They will be here for a 3-week visit and watching CNN is their favorite past time.

The kids were surprised when they woke up saturday morning to find the TV and a different arrangement in the living room. Together with the TV, we also bought a TV stand and a center table from Ikea, and 2 ottoman from Superstore to match our sofa. Now, our living room looks like a living room.

Patricia's favorite song for that night was "What a wonderful world" while Patrick sang "We are the Champions". They were quite sad that their scores were very low, but I told them that in due time, they will get better.


Bugsybee said...

Wow! That TV's just a dream for me. :)

I like both songs. I think Patricia will enjoy the puppet show here.

Have a happy Karaoke-singing week, Jo!

Linnor said...

The magic sing will encourage your kids to like singing. One day who knows, they might just be the next singing idols. :)

Gina said...

My father who used to be really off-key can carry a tune now, thanks to the magic mic. Kaya, tell them not to lose hope ;P

A score is just a number, but in due time, with practice , they will find out that they have developed range and rhythm , and for sure will get a higher rating.

Heart of Rachel said...

Wow, a 32" LCD is a great addition to your entertainment area.

Nice to see the kids enjoying your new Magic Sing. I'm sure their scores will improve significantly.

kai said...

Singing is a wonderful family bonding activity. I'm sure the kids will have fun.

JO said...

Hi Bugsy,
Me too! ang tagal ko din hinintay ito.

Hi Linnor,
My daughter really loves to sing... I just hope she learns some tagalog songs too.

Hi Gina,
Mataas kasi ang score ng daddy nila, kaya medyo malungkot sila sa score nila... pero sabi ko nga sa kanila, tataas din yan.

JO said...

Hi Rach,
Thanks! Now my living room really looks like a living room! :-)

Hi Kai,
Oo nga... I'm going to make it karaoke night every friday/saturday for our bonding!

Junnie said...

tama way to learn tagalog sabi mo di ba is to have magic dapat tagalog songs ang ipakanta mo...tulad ng mga kanta nila Regine at Ogie...:)

JO said...

Hi Junnie,
Umpisa muna kami sa "one day isang ibon"... bago mga kanta ni Regine at Ogie.

Raquel said...

Wow! Grabe natiis ng mga bata na walang TV for 10 mos?

I heard mas maganda daw ang Xtreme magic sing kompara sa WOW.

I am looking forward you will share your voice using your magic sing. *wink*

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Yup, kaya naman eh... and they spent more time outdoors than indoors. And my "no-TV rule during weekdays" still apply! Behave naman sila so far.

Tani said...

wow you got some budding singers there. ;)

JO said...

Hi Tani,
oo, ayaw ngang paawat eh...