On Traveling

You all know that my family loves to travel! And in my youth, I never thought I’d see so many places because my family doesn’t like to travel very much. So I am just glad that hubby and I share the same passion, traveling. And am equally glad that my kids doesn’t get car sick from too much driving. Even his family loves to travel and sometimes we get to tag along for free. Aren’t we lucky?

10-12 years ago, back in the Philippines, we used to go to Tagaytay, Laguna, Batangas, Pangasinan, Baguio, La Union and a lot more places. But it was hard to book for accommodations then as I am illiterate when it comes to internet. So we have to go to travel agency to book our accommodations. Or have a friend who lives in that city to recommend and book us hotels.

In Canada, majority of our trips are day trips only, as we have limited budget and don’t want to spend on accommodations. The farthest that we’ve driven on a day trip was a 4-hour trip from Toronto to Sudbury, 396 km one way.

But on certain occasion that calls for an overnight stay, I am just glad that the internet is there to help me plan ahead without leaving the comfort of my home. The world is truly changing. Everything is readily available on the internet. It seems that without the internet, people will be lost. It also makes it easier for one to look and book for flights, hotels and vacation packages or even buy clothes, jewelries, books, toys, beauty products online!

Hotel Reservations is one of the online site that I visit. It gives me comparative rates and great discounts for our travel needs. You can also book your flight, car rentals or even vacation packages with HotelReservations.com. So whether you are traveling to Asia, or North America, or Europe, you are sure to find a great deal here.


evi said...

that's true. ages ago, one has to go to a travel agency to book a trip. in this time and age, everybody is booking online. i wonder if travel agencies are still making money. even travel packages are easy to find online.

Tani said...

the world is beneath our fingertips :)

JO said...

Hi Evi,
Time is changing... paano na kaya mag book ng travel packages 10-20 years from now?

Hi Tani,
It sure is!