I had been working non-stop for the past 13 days! And my next day off will be next Tuesday [on the 20th day]. The pay for our overtime is good. First day off pays 1.5 of my basic salary... then on the second day off, it pays 2x my basic salary. So working 4 days overtime in a month will be good to pay off my car's monthly amortization and insurance.

I promised myself that I will not work overtime anymore next week. I believe I need a break already as today was not a good day for me. I broke down while at work, and shed a bucket of tears. Nakakahiya!!! My face were red and my eyes were swollen. I don't really know what came over me.

I already wrote a letter to the person concern and hopefully I'd see her tomorrow so the issue can rest. I also hope that it will not create a wall between us. A friend said that I can take up my issue with the Union but I said "no." I don't want the issue to erupt like a volcano. I believe that I overreacted [from too much fatique.]

Some of my co-workers are able to do it... work 7 days a week, some on a 10-hour shift per day for 1 month. But I guess I am not them. I cannot work 7 days a week on this job.

I used to work 7 days a week during the past 3 tax season. And I never had a breakdown. I guess it is because I enjoy doing taxes.


Mich said...

wow, Jo, grabe ang work ah! siguro nga you need a time out lang. Bilib ako sayo nakayanan mo ung # of hours of work mo for 7 days! wow!

denden said...

hi jo! i hope everything is okay now with you and your colleague. take it easy. :)

vanidosa said...

jo, at least well paid naman, it's worth working pag ganyan. hanap mo nga ako work dyan pero 6 days a week lang ha? joke joke lang:)

evi said...

stress can affect our judgment. you do need to take time off from work.

Love said...

health is wealth. the money is good but don't overwork yourself.

a couple friend of ours are landing as immigrants next month. they will be staying with us in toronto for a while but are intrigued by the opportunities in alberta.

you and your hubby have first hand experience living and working in both provinces so i was wondering if they can email you about their concerns.


MrsPartyGirl said...

hi jo, lagi ko ngang sinasabi sa asawa ko pag nagpapaka-martyr siya sa work na, hindi worth it! kailangan mo naman magpahinga, both physically and emotionally.

kung magpapakapagod ka, dapat sa pakikipaglaro sa mga anak, di ba? :)

i hope you're better now. huwag ka kasi masyadong magpayaman, hehe.

Junnie said...

easy lang Jo...sino ba yang uumbagan natin?

I guess, just to digress, Loves' friends will be in good hands specially if they ask about Calgary...mahirap ata yung sinulong niyo from TO to Calgary, so you have a lot of things to say...

going back sa ka-officemate...ano..kamusta? bati na kayo?

Raquel said...

Just take a break Jo. Grabe ha for almost 2 weeks you've been working hard, talagang manghihina katawan mo.

I hope by now, you and your co-worker is ok.

JO said...

Hi Mich,
Yes, I definitely need a time out! But I have to wait till next tuesday/wednesday for my day off.

Hi Denden,
Thanks! Everything is ok now.

Hi Marie,
Super daming trabaho dito sa Calgary... pumunta ka lang...

Hi Evi,

JO said...

Hi Love,
Sure. You can tell your friends to read my blog about relocation. I'm sure that will give them some idea already. There are so many jobs here, as long as their expectations are not high, they will be able to get a job easily... 3 times faster than Toronto.

Hi Meeya,
May hinuhulugan na kasi akong kotse eh, kaya parang gusto kong mag OT for more income... haaaayyy...

Hi Junnie,
Eh di sino pa? Ang mga lahi na ubod ng tatamad! hahaha... sayang talaga ang pagkamatalino nila.

Hi Raquel,
Oo nga, di pala kaya ng katawan ko ang stress... :-)

tani said...

Hi Jo. give yourself a break. i too also cried buckets in front of coworkers before and lived to tell about it. Don't worry. you'll be a better employee after the torrential outpour. it's cathartic. :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jo. Sorry to hear that your day didn't go too well because of a certain incident. I really hope things can be smoothened out. Perhaps, it's a sign to take some break from work. May you have a calm and stress-free weekend. Take care.

ghee said...

gee,too much work cause you breakdown and exhaustions,JO..and the fact na may inaalagaan ka pang kids...ingat at take a break once in a while..

btw,something wrong with your template,cant read your post so well or maybe sa browser ko lang kaya?hmm

Francesca said...

I did the same this month as in france the year starts every septmeber, not january, lol

and I am jealous at Chico , he just so lazy lying while I go crazy about work work work

wish i were a cat!

hey visit my blog, banking business in france, ang lufet kasi. Tag kita, make a topic about it sa canada naman.
If you still got time.

JO said...

Hi Tani,
Everybody is giving me a special treatment already because what happened was a big news! :-)

Hi Rach,
I am definitely taking my day offs next week. No more overtime.

Hi Ghee,
Sorry to hear you are having problem with my site... did you find out why that is?

JO said...

Hi Francesca,
I think it is in our nature to be hard working... so better sit back and relax a little...

ann said...

Pinag-isip mo akong bigla, feeling ko kasi over na rin ako sa work. Kailangan na rin siguro talagang magbawas ng load. Ingat lang lagi.

JO said...

Hi Ann,
Mukha ngang over work ka na din... tagal mo ng di bumisita sa blog ko eh. Take it easy lang...