Summer vacation is finally over!

School year starts tomorrow. It slipped my mine that I need to buy my kids' school supplies. You see, back in Toronto, I never have to buy a single school supplies... all supplies were provided by the school that my kids attended. I was required to pay C$10 each for their agenda book and that was it!

But here in Calgary, we were given a list of school supplies that we need to provide on the first day of school. And each and every one of them has to be labeled with their name.

Patricia, who will start grade 2, needs the following: 12 pencil crayons, 24 HB pencils, 24 wax crayons, 1 dry erase marker, 1 broadtip felt marker, 4 white vinyl erasers, 4 different colors of highlighters, pencil sharpener with receptacle, 4 large glue sticks, 1 white glue bottle, scissors, metric ruler, 12 duo tangs, 100 sheets white bond paper, 100 sheets 8.5x11 lined paper, 6 exercise books 7x9 ruled [72 pages], 4 exercise books 7x9 [1/2 plain 1/2 rule], clipboard, 1 container of wet wipes, 1 box facial tissue and 1 large ziploc freezer bag!

Patrick on the other hand needs the following: 12 broad tip markers, 24 pencil crayons, 12 HB pencils, 1 red pen, 1 blue pen, scotch tape, 2 highlighters, 2 white vinyl erasers, pencil sharperner with receptacle, 1 large glue stick, 1 bottle white glue, scissors, metric ruler, 1" binder, tab dividers for binder, 1 package of reinforcements, 200 sheets looseleaf refill lined 8mm rule 8.5x11, 50 sheets white bond paper, 20 sheets of 1 cm squares graph paper, 7 excercise books 8.5x11 [32 pages with 3 hold punched], clipboard, french/english dictionary, 1 container of wet wipes, 2 boxes facial tissues and a soprano recorder for music!

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School supplies worth over C$120!
[Not counting the backpack]

Likewise, school bus in Toronto are free of charge! Here, I have to pay if I want my kids to take the school bus... that's another C$350 more or less for both of them. I'll found out the exact amount once school started.


Do you see the small badge on the left side [just below the tagboard]? Should I go for it or not? I already sign up, drafted my first entry, but still undecided if I should make this blog of mine into a commercial blog. What's your honest opinion?


Junnie said...

with the high cost of school supplies and other school requirements in Calgary (compared to Toronto, which is free), you need something to compensate why not?

it doesnt hurt to make money on the side. it all depends on your objectives.

Raquel said...

Ganda pala dun sa Toronto, wala ng hassle for the parents. Wheeeew, andaming school supplies, up to 1 school year ba yan?

Hmmm, about money making online. Maganda yan if you can manage your time. Sabi ni hubby, if you will earn a $100 per month, bigyan nalang daw nya ako rather than spending all my time on the computer, baka daw mapabayaan ang mga bata. *wink*

evi said...

i do like to do some school supplies shopping. i miss that and i want to do this for my son but like toronto, i just need to pay the school and that's it to it. boring! i know it's a lot more expensive to buy your own supplies but the kids get to feel the real meaning of "going back to school", right?

actually, i've been contemplating on generating money through my blog but as i said and commented to most bloggers who are doing so already, i don't want it to get in the way of my personal blogging. honestly, i kinda shy away from the blog once i see that their recent post is sponsored. i don't want to get such reaction from my readers. i don't get that many readers na nga, bibigyan ko pa sila ng reason not to have the desire to visit my blog. i thought of creating another blogsite solely for sponsored posts but i heard hindi daw pwede yung ganon. so, i'm still undecided but if i see others flashing their cheques, i get a bit enticed! go ahead, try it. it may work for you like it did to others.

JO said...

Hi Junnie, Raquel and Evi,

Thanks! I am still undecided up to now. Parang sayang ang income, but then I know I will have to spend more time on the internet and blogging if I want to earn too... which also means my kids and hubby will complain more!

Hope you will still visit my blog if and when I do decide to do ads here.

niceheart said...

Kids here go back to school tomorrow. And it's also the same here. We buy their school supplies and everything has to be labeled.

JO said...

Hi Irene,
How come they just don't make it the same for all provinces? Sarap nung libre lahat eh!