Tag #18: My Desktop

I got tag by Rach for the screen shot of my desktop. At first I was tempted to changed it back to the wallpaper prior to this one. But the meme said "no editing allowed."

My wallpaper were usually the pictures of my 2 kids... but 2 days ago, I decided to changed it to a picture of me with my new car!

Other people's desktop:

Tina : Boracay, Philippines
Gracita: Toledo, Spain
Girlie: Faces
Duke: Baby A
Ronnie: Be Original
Rach: Yohan at Preschool

[Sorry Rach, I didn't really follow all the rules of this tag.]


Raquel said...

Ang linis ng desktop mo, konte lang ang icons. Excited akong makita ang new car mo, request, lakihan naman ang image. Pareho kayo ni hubby blue car din. :wink:

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jo! Thanks for doing the tag. Your new car suits you well. I love the color.

gracita said...

ako din, i was tempted to change it.. kaso, naisip ko, what for diba?

i love the color of your car! electric blue!! i want! :)

evi said...

dagdag beauty points talaga kapag maganda ang wheels. hehe...

Gina said...

HI Jo!

Congrats sa brand spanking new car mo! Ang ganda nga ng kulay.
Have you named him/her yet?

Car namin is male =) We call him Armpit dahil plate sez AMPT .

Analyse said...

ay ang daya, the pix is not clickable for a larger view.. i read about your new baby and i remembered i blogged about my new baby too and i didnt even think i was bragging haha, i was just too happy like you.. congrats on the new baby!

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Hehehe... camera shy ako eh... I don't want you to see my fat face [from the weight I gained while in Manila].

Hi Rach,
You're welcome! And thanks!

Hi Gracita,
Ang ganda naman ng view ng desktop mo, why would you want to change it?

JO said...

Hi Evi,
Thanks! That's the lowest model of all Civic.

Hi Gina,
I don't name cars eh... but my hubby is starting to call it Vic, as suggested by Junnie. Pero parang gusto ko girl name, so Vicky?

Hi Analyse,
I read about your baby too, and no, you are not bragging. Cheers to both of us!

MyGoodFinds said...

Congratulations on your new car! I just love the smell :) .

ghee said...

hey Jo!nice desktop but the blue car is the nicest!cool!talagang niliitan mo yung pic ha?bitin,di kita ang face mo :)

JO said...

Hi KK,
Thanks! and welcome to my blog!

Hi Ghee,
Hehehe... camera shy ako eh...

auee said...

uyyy so that's the car!! Naks. Buti ka pa marunong mag drive

pining said...

Nice car Jo, I'd love to have the same colour...if only I can drive!

JO said...

Hi Auee and Evelyn,
Oh yes, I love driving... You should learn how to drive too... more freedom sa mga lakwatsa! :-)

Bengbeng said...

yr car looks cool and zippy. i especially love the color. my color..nice shade of blue

JO said...

Hi Bengbeng,
Thanks! and welcome to my blog!

Duke said...

wow! nice car :D