To buy or not to buy

When I was a newly grad from college, I set some goals for myself... and I was able to reached most of my goals, including becoming a homeowner when I got married and moving to a foreign country! Except for one, that is, owning a car before I reach 30.

My husband owned 2 cars before he turned 30 and we owned 3 cars already since we got married. Yet I don't consider them as mine because its under hubby's name. I still have yet to have a car registered to my name.

But with me working full time now [hopefully for keeps], and with my shifting schedule, I believe it is now time for me to have my own car. So that hubby doesn't have to wake up at 4:30am just to drop me off at work.

But choosing a car is not easy. I want the lowest possible monthly payments as much as possible, but hubby only wanted Toyota or Honda! There are a lot of cheaper American cars with monthly payments of $200 or less [like Saturn with 0% financing rate]... but no, he wants a Japanese car! I don't know much about cars so anything is ok with me! I am more concern about our monthly payments.

Toyota Corolla's monthly payment ranges from $300-400... while a Honda Civic ranges from $400-480 [depending on accessories]. I was thinking of a smaller car like Yaris or Fit, but then, hubby and I agreed that I will be driving the Pilot and he will be driving the new car. So the Yaris or Fit might be too small for him.

Current promo for a 60-month financing for Toyota is at 3.9% only and I have until the end of the month to decide!

I am still contemplating if we can afford to pay a mortgage [our house in the Philippines] and 2 car payments? Can we? All I can say is "no guts, no glory," right?


Heart of Rachel said...

I love the look of the Honda Pilot. Perfect for our family but the price is a different matter. haha!

Good luck on choosing a new car. Exciting! :)

Junnie said...

i think there should be a good ending to this. i dont see you owning another mini-suv, but by the looks of it, parang ganun...sana mid-sized lang like a Camry or a Matrix (para may cousin na si Trixie) :)

Dops said...

Not to BUY!!! hehe... Bigay nyo na lang po pera nyo sa akin, hehe...

Tyy for the visit.. ingat kau lagi jan =)


JO said...

Hi Rach,
We got our Pilot on a 3.9% financing too last year... we love it! I just need a smaller car for our second car this time.

Hi Junnie,
Matrix and Camry are not on promo rates, plus a little more expensive than the ones we are currently looking at.

Hi Dops,
Congrats on getting married! And welcome back to blogging!

Raquel said...

For me, I would prefer the car that I like most. If I can afford to pay the monthly bill for $350-450...why not.

MrsPartyGirl said...

dito kasi sa north america, a car is more than just a luxury, necessity talaga siya. agree ako sa iyo to get a smaller car for the sheer practicality (and economy) of it, since may SUV na kayo for family use. :)

actually tama si hubby mo, mas mataas ang resale value ng japanese cars kesa US cars. what you would be shelling out sa start, you would actually get it back when you do decide to re-sell it.

kung kaya naman ng bulsa, kahit may kasamang paghihigpit ng sinturon ng konti, i say take the plunge! having something like this as a goal helps us to become more conscious of our budgetting. besides, its tangible proof na kahit papaano may kinapupuntahan yung kita natin hehehe. good luck!

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Wala naman kasi akong alam sa mga features ng mga cars, ang alam ko lang ay mag drive!

Hi Meeya,
Yes, you're right. It is a necessity. Thanks! I think I've made a decision already... abangan...

Tani said...

We have a Honda Pilot! It's a pretty cool SUV. Matakaw nga lang sa gas. But of course it's not on my name 'cause i don't drive. Maybe someday when I'm driving already, I'll get one of those hibrid cars that save on gas. Jo, also choose a car for it's gas consumption. :)

Leah said...

My Honda Civic is about 5 months old now and I love it. Its good on gas and it runs smotthly and I like the new look of the speedometer. The Fit is good looking too. We did a "test drive" on it. My hubby is 6'1" and he liked it. It fitted him in there. There's actually lots of room. If you will be the main driver for the new car, maybe that will be better (in the pocket as well)

girlie said...

mga husbands talaga they always get in the way when it comes to deciding which car to buy ^_^ I don't understand too why they go for japanese cars (hubby loves Nissan), sabi nya mas matibay daw kasi compared to american cars.

JO said...

Hi Tani,
I love our pilot too!

Hi Leah,
Thanks! I went to the dealers and I prefer Fit over Yaris. But then, Civic has a better promo offer than Fit.

Hi Girlie,
I am beginning to understand it now...
[1] Resale value is higher for the japanese car
[2] Mas mabilis masira at malaspag ang mga american cars, hence mas mataas ang maintenance