Good and bad news

My brother-in-law [R] just proposed to his girlfriend last Friday [October 19]. And though we were not there, this is the story:

He proposed in the basement parking lot of Robinson's Galleria. D was supposed to pick him up in Makati City that night, but instead he showed up surprising D by reading "12 things I love about D" and her car's windshield covered with petals of roses. Isn't that romantic?

The same time he was proposing, tragedy struck Glorietta 2's parking lot where an explosion injured and killed a lot of people.

You know, when I was in Manila, I see all these walk-through metal detectors [WTMD] and hand-held metal detectors [HHMD], the same ones we use at the airport. I kwow how these machines work, and let me tell you that they are not being used properly by the mall's security guards. Honestly, the mall has spent so much to put these detectors in place yet they never bothered to 'educate' the security guards on how to use it properly.

For one, since 95% of the people have cellphones, they will set the WTMD and HHMD off! And yet what do they do when you beep? Nothing! Another thing is the WTMD needs to reset before the next person walks through, but I just see people go through one after the other with the beeping sound all over. And yet the guard just stands there put his hands around your waist in a patting motion and/or look inside your bag. But do they really know what they are looking for or why you were beeping?

Tragedy could be prevented, we just need to be pro-active about it. People [like the security guards] need to realize the importance of their job. And the public needs to respect that.


MommyBa said...

that is so true! imagine, the ayala malls' security guards are one of the most notorious when it comes to body search and car search pero yun nga di naman ako bilib sa kanila kasi sabi nga namin ni Papa, they do not know what they're looking for.

congratulations to your brother and his fiance. that was really a very sweet thing for him to do. awwwwwwww moment talaga!

alynn said...

congrats to your bro and his fiance...

evi said...

what an exciting moment for your BIL and his fiance.

i watched the news from the gma website and the investigation states that it was an accident - a gas leak.

ann said...

How sweet! And yet very memorable date, sabay sa pagsabog sa Glorietta.

Prayers for all the victims.

Junnie said...

someone from the Security agencies of these malls should read this blog entry and BE EDUCATED!

i can imagine your BIL having all the pollution and heat doing that inthe basement of Galleria...its not advisable to be under a mall's parking lot with all the carbon monoxide inhalation effects, but it was worth it di ba?

MrsPartyGirl said...

hi jo, first of all, congrats to your newly-engaged cousin. there's nothing that spells hope more than the commitment to start a new family.

second, seems like reports have come out that the glorieta explosion was really not terrorist-related but, get this, due to ayala mall's below standard sewage system which allowed methane fumes to build-up and then explode. somehow masasabi natin na "hay salamat hindi tayo under attack", pero habang tumatagal iniisip ko na kapabayaan ang sanhi nito, kaya mas masahol. kung sa simula pa lang, maayos na ang planning ng sewage disposal ng ayala, hindi sana nangyari ito.

well, we'll know if this report is conclusive or not. let's see how this unfolds.

Raquel said...

Wow, how sweet! Congratulations to your BIL and his fiancee. What an unforgettable date of proposal too.

JO said...

Hi Liz, Alynn, Evi, Ann, and Raquel

Hi Junnie,
Hehehe... pinagpapawisan na nga daw habang hawak ang bulaklak. I think the proposal was very short lang, so no carbon monoxide inhalation.

Hi Meeya,
Sorry, after I read about the explosion, I didn't follow through the story anymore. Thanks for the link.

ghee said...

very romantic ang proposal ng brother mo.Jo :)

talaga?this is a good info,the people concerned,malls or public establishments MUST read this post of yours,Jo.

toni said...

How romantic your brother is! I'm sure his fiancee almost melted. :D

My gosh the explosion from a week ago still disturbs us civilians to this day. Best to be vigilant at all times.

kitty said...

hi! I bloghopped here from ate Evi. I was browsing around here then went to your scrap collection, I just realized you were one of my linkies to the scrapaholic section in my sidebar, how nice that I've stumbled upon your blog. =)

That's very sweet of your BIL very unique romantic proposal, the petals on the windshield, weeee that's nice! and what a tragic incident on what happened at Glorietta, I've heard about it and I can't believe that happened! tama kayo, mga sikyu natin sa Pinas hindi gaano marurunong para bang binihisan mo lang ng uniform tapos bigyan ng instrument pero tama kayo they're not properly trained enough to have that position. sana naman i screen nilang mabuti mga ganun, hindi dapat basta basta mag hire ng mga taong hindi naman alam ang gagawin nila. dapat mahihigpit sila parang sa mga airports, and they should be complete with well trained sniffing guard dogs, kakatakot tuloy mag mall dahil sa insidenteng ganyan.

have a blessed day!!

JO said...

Hi Ghee and Toni,

Hi Kitty,
Welcome back to my blog. I haven't had time to scrap since last year... buti na lang I still have time to blog.

niceheart said...

That is so sweet and romantic of your BIL.

I also heard about the Glorietta explosion. Don't know much about the details, but it is so tragic. Here in Winnipeg, we don't have guards and metal detectors at shopping malls but we feel safe. Tingnan mo nga naman talaga ang kaibahan sa atin ano?

JO said...

Hi Irene,
That is so true.