Jasper National Park

We finally made the trip to Jasper National Park last weekend with my in-laws.

Ever since we first came to Canada, this is the one place that I've been wanting to see. Of course back then, I don't know where Alberta is. I even tried to google map this so I'll know the distance from Toronto and has been bugging hubby that we should make a road trip for this. But of course, driving for 4-5 days one way isn't practical especially with 2 kids in tow.

Calgary to Jasper is about 430km one way... our travel time was approximately 7 hours with all the stops at most of the lookout sign that we saw. Patricia was very happy to see that there's a Patricia Street in Jasper and a Patricia Lake! Sad to say, Patricia Lake was closed for the season already, so we didn't get to see it.

I have more than 500+ pictures and video combined and can't really decide which ones to share with you guys. Our first stop was Lake Louise [the mid point between Calgary and Jasper].

Here's a slideshow with 26 pictures from Athabasca Glacier Forefield Trail, Athabasca Falls, Sunwapta Falls and Jasper Townsite.

If you can't see the above slideshow, please click here. Enjoy the view!


Diana Joy said...


ghee said...

wowow!!grabeh,super ganda!!! speechless ako Jo!

i really enjoy traveling by car,but 4-5 days one way,whew!di ko kaya yun! may snow na agad sa inyo Jo?or dahil sa mountainous lang yung place?

happy halloween btw!

Bugsybee said...

Wow! I really appreciate that you take pains to share your pics with us. It's like touring Canada without leaving my room. Thanks, Jo! :)

ann said...

Wow! Jo ganda naman dyan. Same with Ghee, bakit may snow na agad?

pining said...

stunning, stunning, stunning!
I love the snow-capped mountain :-) as Bugsy said, thanks for sharing these photos :-)

JO said...

Hi Diana Joy,
Thanks! Hope you are feeling better.

Hi Ghee,
That is why it took us 6 years to visit this place! Jasper is a much colder place... longer winter days...

Hi Bugsy,
You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed the view.

Hi Ann,
Winter na sa part ng Jasper... we had flurries already in Calgary. Winter is not too far away.

Hi Evelyn,
You're welcome!

evi said...

hi jo, how i wish i could go there again. i'm sure we will once my parents are here. you should have gone up on the athabasca glacier. it's truly breathtaking up there.

Leah said...

How awesome is that! Lucky you for having the chance to see such beauty!

Love it!

JO said...

Hi Evi,
Did you drive? How many hours is that? It was really windy at Athabasca Glacier, and with my inlaws, hiking is definitely out. They don't like to walk very far. They actually prefer to just sit in the car and enjoy the view.

Hi Leah,
If you ever decided to visit Alberta, make sure you add Jasper to your list.

dangkin said...

COOL! reminds me of Alaska, less snow :-) I'm starting to miss the place :P

Raquel said...

Hi Jo, thank you letting me see your family album site. WOW! Grabe, super ganda ng mga sceneries, the mountains, houses, waterfalls, etc. Sana marating ko rin ang lugar na yan. ;)

ghee said...

wow!6 yrs of planning!It must be a dream come true to all of you!!
happy halloween,JO!

I got you tagged btw..



Francesca said...

it sure shows that the earth was made beautifully by a Creator and things dont exists by chance.

A creator of a clock existed, so too , there must be a Creator to these wonders di ba!

JO said...

Hi Dangkin,
It is still fall kaya less snow...

Hi Raquel,
You're welcome!

Hi Ghee,
Yes, 6 years in the waiting ang trip na ito. And it was all worth the wait.

Hi Francesca,
Yes, nature is indeed beautiful!

tani said...

I saw Lake Louise in Lifestyle Network. Para pala siyang Denver, Colorado... luxurious.

JO said...

Hi Tani,
I'll take your word for it as I've never been to Denver.