Modern Technology

Remember my story at work about an old Caucasian lady hugging me as she walks through the metal detector and said [with a big hug] "are you from the Philippines? I just came from there and I love that you take care of your elderly." That's true. We do take care of our elderly no matter what our situation is.

Well, here in North America, it is very important to save up for one's retirement. Because once you pass the senior citizen age, you either live in a home for the aged or you still have to the option to live in an apartment by yourself provided you have money to pay for it. They will never depend on their children to take care of them. Though a small percentage still do.

With more and more seniors deciding to live by themselves, more and more technology is being invented to assist them. So what do you do if you can no longer climb the stairs to your bedroom? Don't worry stairlifts is here to help you. They have so many models to make sure that you got the right stairlift. They have straight, outdoor, reconditioned, curved and even standing stairlifts.


Raquel said...

I had check the website, ang ganda ng mga facilities and you were right, high tech na. But all of these technologies, wala pa ring tatalo sa TLC ng pinoy. *wink*

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Naku, wala akong TLC eh...