Online Storage System

I hear people cry over their blog about losing their files/data/pictures when their hard drive crushes on them. Or when their spouse accidentally re-formatted/re-install software into their pc without performing backup on their personal files. I, myself, had a bad experience when my wedding CD just shattered inside the CD player. It was really heart breaking.

Some resort to buying a portable hard drive as their back up. This is my next step. Hopefully I'd be able to get one before the year ends. But for those who can't afford it, is there an option for them to make sure their data files are safeguarded? Well, there is one option available. There is an online storage system available on the net to back up all the files you choose. be pro-active in protecting your data. Better to be safe than sorry.

Rest assure that your backup is safe and secure. No more theft and data corruption. No more losing data due to fire. And best of all it is stored on DELL's high quality server and supported by Ice Media technical team. Check out this online backup now. They are currently offering a 30-day free trial with 1,000 MB storage space.