Radium Hot Springs

After hearing the trip of my officemate to Radium Hot Springs in British Columbia {BC}, I immediately decided to take another road trip that same day right after my shift. It's a 3-hour drive and the drive was worth it! Hubby and the kids had fun swimming in the hot pool which was heated at 30 degrees of pure mineral but the outside temperature was at approximately 8 degrees.

We had been seeing the sign going to Radium Hot Springs every time we go to Banff, and I have been curious about the place for a long time. Radium Hot Springs is located at the south end of Kootenay National Park in BC. Now we can tell people that we've been to BC!

Truly a perfect gateway to "Adventure Valley of A Thousand Peaks".

A continental divide is a line of elevated terrain which forms a border between two watersheds such that water falling on one side of the line eventually travels to one ocean or body of water, and water on the other side travels to another, generally on the opposite side of the continent.

Canadian Rockies with Alberta and British Columbia flags

A baby bear

Radium Hot Springs is located just after
you drive through these rocky mountains

Radium Hot Springs
with rock cliffs of Sinclair Canyon in the background


Raquel said...

WOW! At the same day, pumunta agad kayo sa Radium Hot Springs. Jan ako believe sa family mo Jo, outgoing kayong lahat. Ang dami nyo ng napuntahang lugar! ;)

evi said...

you have a lot of energy, jo. imagine you were still able to take a 3-hour drive after work. but a dip in the hot pool is worth it esp. during the cold season.

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Lakwatsera kamo!

Hi Evi,
I just took a nap in the car, hubby does all the driving. But yes, the hot pool is really cool.

Diana Joy said...

How fun!!!!
Look at all the warm water!!!
My kids would never get out :o
Miss ya!
Diana Joy

Mich said...

haaay, this is really a nice place. sana makapunta talga kme dyan one of these days (or years!)

denden said...

looks like a nice place. ang sipag nyo mag-roadtrip. your kids will have loads of memories of your adventures...ang saya :)

Junnie said...

katakot..may baby bear....i love unplanned road trips :) i just drove 20 hrs last weekend to Boston...pero yun planado :)

Patrice said...

Wow! Kainggit! Reminds of Los Banos where my family and I used to go all the time.
Great you enjoyed it after a long day at work!

Heart of Rachel said...

Great photos Jo! Another fun road trip.

JO said...

Hi Diana Joy,
Hope all is well with you! Take it easy now and don't stress yourself out.

Hi Mich,
You know, the Philippines have so many places to see too. You don't have to go abroad to enjoy sceneries like these.

Hi Denden,
Hehehe.. mga lakwatsera kasi kami eh.

JO said...

Hi Junnie,
Mas maganda ang impromtu, mas natutuloy, di ba? Naku, wawa naman si Trixie, over the km na for the year. :-)

Hi Patrice,
Naku, huwag kang mainngit. Mas maganda kaya magikot sa Florida. I dream of retiring in Florida someday... hehehe...

Hi Rach,

auee said...

I love it that your family always travel and explore nature. You're so lucky.

JO said...

Hi Auee,
Yup, we are always on the go!