Tag #19: Santa Sentences

Ho! Ho! Ho! Everyone.

Here is something to keep you amused. Complete these sentences. Please tag and pass it on for someone else to do.

You can use single words or phrases:

  1. I wish I could see the real Santa.
  2. Santa is the guy in red suit with a beard and always greets you with a "ho ho ho!".
  3. If I were in a room with Santa, I would volunteer to help out the elves.
  4. I think Santa should be around all year round.
  5. Santa needs more volunteers.
  6. I want to kiss and hug Santa.
  7. Someday Santa will be thin enough to fit into the chimney.
  8. Santa reminds me of family gathering and gifts.
  9. Without Santa Christmas will be all about Jesus.
  10. My memories of Santa are full of question marks.
  11. Santa can be jolly.
  12. The worst thing about Santa is people forget the real reason for the season.
  13. The best thing about Santa is he makes all kids happy and excited about Christmas.
  14. I am wondering if I can deliver gifts with Santa.
  15. One thing I would like to know about Santa is if he is real.
  16. Santa should go and help the street children and bums.
  17. Santa loves my family and me.

Please be nice and kind now!! Ho! Ho! Ho! ☺

As always,
Santa ô¿ô

Thank you Bless for the tag... now, I am tagging Evi, Kai, Ann, Liz and Rach... this is a tag for your son to answer! I gave this list to my kids but up to now they are having a hard time completing it with their homeworks and all.

For the template please click here. You don't mind, do you? Ho! Ho! Ho!


ann said...

Hi Jo! I'll ask Josh to answer this one and post it on my blog. Sobrang excited yun sa pagdating ni Santa eh.

Heart of Rachel said...

I think this will be fun. I will let you know when I'm done with mine. Thanks for the tag.

evi said...

this is great para may contribution naman yung mga anak natin. hehe...

JO said...

Hi Ann, Rach and Evi,
I'm sure kakaaliw ang sagot ng mga anak niyo... I am still waiting for my kids' answer to this one.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jo. I just posted the meme. Sorry for the delay.

Yohan completed each question and we had fun doing it together.

I also found a cool site where you can write letters to Santa.

JO said...

Hi Rach,
Thanks for doing this tag! Yohan is a very smart boy.