Thursday Thirteen #30: My Civic

Please pardon me if you think that it's a non-stop blogging about my new car... I promise this is the last of it.

13 reasons why we needed a second car

  1. I'm working full time now and needs a car to go to work.
  2. And with tax season fast approaching, I will be holding 2 jobs at the same time and mobility is a necessity.
  3. My shift starts at 5am, bus service in my area starts at 5:30am. Hence, commuting is out of the question for me.
  4. Hubby doesn't need to wake up at 4:30am anymore just to drop me off at work.
  5. For an additional $27/month to our current insurance, I get a comprehensive coverage for the second car. Cheap!
  6. No more commuting for hubby.
  7. No more waiting in the cold or rain or heat for the bus to arrive.
  8. Both our employers provide free parking space. His is covered parking, mine is open parking... so I am using his parking space and he is using mine... thank you hubby! :-)
  9. Gas consumption for a car is cheaper than our SUV.
  10. We can save on gas consumption too for our many road trips if we use the car.
  11. Promo rate of 2.9% for 60 months financing is hard to resist with no downpayment required. [I am just paying $1.06 a day in interest.]
  12. More flexibility in our schedule...
  13. Last but not the least, to make one of my dreams come true... a car registered to my name!

On its first road trip to Lake Louise last Sunday

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Bloggers said...

I just had to have a car last year because I was pregnant and it would be better on gas than my huge Mountaneer. Well I miss my suv. I hate my taurus and when I get the chance after the first of the year I am getting another Moutaneer.

My 13 is up on

Working at Home Mom

PinkJeweledCat said...

We recently got a second vehicle, because our monster van only get about 10 miles to the gallon. But alas, it's the only vehicle that we can transport our disabled son in because it has a wheelchair lift. The second vehicle is a pickup which has a manual transmission so it gets more than twice what the van gets. And while I try to wait to run my errands until the days hubby is off work, it's nice knowing he can take the truck to work leaving me the van. This was a nice list. Ta for now dahling!

Anonymous said...

great list! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Norma said...

Sounds like you did the right thing for all involved.

Celebrating my 4th blogiversary.

Nancy J. Bond said...

Congrats on the new's a great feeling! Happy TT!

Sniz said...

It's a fun thing to get a new car. We have two cars, but one is the requisit family mini-van. Both were not new when we bought them. In fact, I have never had a new car but my mom and dad got one very similar to the one you have. I love riding in it!

vernaloo said...

Hi Jo :)

Congratulations on the new car. I know given your list, the purchase was all worth it :)

denden said...

hi jo! i like your new car. 2.6 for 60% is a very good deal. i hope we have deals like that here. :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jo! That's really a great deal.

Have a great weekend!

Junnie said...

you had me at "Please"...

Go Vic Go! este Vicky pala. Am sure Martin Nievera is playing non-stop music inside your car :P

A reason to really be thankful this Thanksgiving - having a good deal for a good car!

Girlie said...

don't worry Jo, we share your happiness! Blog and blog about it if you feel like.

JO said...

THANK YOU ALL for your comments!!!

Hi Junnie,
The good part of the car is I can play MP3 disc... so I got one CD with more than 100+ songs! No more changing of CDs, yey!

MommyBa said...

I don't really mind if you blog about your new baby. My goodness! It's worth blogging anyway. I'd probably do the same if I'm able to buy a new car.

I love the color of your car. It's actually the color that I want. You got it at a great deal so no wonder you're proud of your purchase.

I'd like to see more pictures of you in the car. Bagay na bagay sa 'yo eh :)


JO said...

Hi Liz,
Thanks! Its not my first choice of color, but I am getting used to it by now.

Patrice said...

Congratulations on your new car!

Here in FL, it is a necessity to have 2 separate cars most of the reasons are which you enumerated. The bus comes every half an hour but passes only on the main thoroughfares. We would love to just take the bus if we could to save on gas.

Insurance there is cheap, not to mention the credit rate, 2.9%??!! Geez, wont we love to have that here! Unfortunately, FL is one of the highest in rates in the US when it comes to any kind of insurance, home or auto.

JO said...

Hi Patrice,
Thanks! Yes, it is a necessity especially if both are working.

Raquel said...
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Raquel said...

Just relax Jo, sharing something like this is not bragging naman eh, this is your blog, you can write anything you like. Pwera nalang sa mga makitid ang utak.

All of your lists are reasonable. Mobile is very important especially if you are working.

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Thanks! Mahirap na ang ma misinterpret... I don't want the past incident to happen again. :-)