Thursday Thirteen #31: Airport tips

Better to be ready than sorry. If you haven't travelled for a long time, you might want to check your airlines website for any changes in rules and regulations, what's allowed and not allowed in your carry-on and checked-in luggage.

In case you don't know yet, and if you need to bring a shampoo, hairspray, cologne, perfume, lotions, etc, make sure that your container is 100 ML. Remember its the container that counts and not the content left in the bottle. This means that no coffee, no water bottle, no juice in tetrapacks are allowed anymore. Remember that there are coffee shops and stores after you go through the security area.

These are just a few reminders and it might or might not be applicable in other airports.

13 No-No at the pre-board screening area
and small things that will make you beep

  1. Do not buy duty free items such as liquors or perfumes in more than 100 ml container if you still have connecting flights, or else these will be confiscated from you when you go through security again for your connecting flight.
  2. No toy guns, water guns or big belt buckles with any weapons [such as granade/guns/bullets] as design.
  3. No tools of any kind.
  4. Never wear socks with holes in them, you'll never know if you will be required to take them off.
  5. Bring socks for those wearing sandals and slippers. Again you'll never know if you will be required to take them off. You don't want to walk bare feet.
  6. If you're wearing boots and high heels, make sure you are willing to take them off too. 90% chance is that you will beep.
  7. Souvenirs like snow glow is a no-no in carry-on luggage as it contains water. Remember "no liquids" allowed!
  8. For men, you are allowed to keep your wallets with you as long as you don't have any keys, coins and access/key cards in it.
  9. Cigarettes, gums and candies wrap in foil will set the metal detector off.
  10. Big belts surrounded by metals and big solid buckles will set it off too.
  11. Big bungles and heavy jewelries too.
  12. Try to choose your clothing properly, lots of zippers, metal chains and big buttons is not a good choice to wear especially if you set off the metal detector. The screener will be patting you all over just to solve all beeping sound.
  13. Any food like jam, jelly, spread [like peanut butter], syrup, etc, are not allowed either.

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Coco said...

Thanks for the tips!

I like to pride myself for being able to pass the metal detector without it beeping... I make a mental 'contest' with everyone else! Hahah.

Happy TT :)

jenn said...

My sister flew recently and had a hard time with her son's bottles. They only let her take one, and dumped the rest. That's crazy!
Happy TT!

amypalko said...

Good reminders! I'm flying to Madrid next friday, so I'll try and keep these in mind.
My TT post is up here if you want to check it out.
Happy TT!

Brenda ND said...

I'm printing your list to have on hand for my next trip. Thanks.

Raquel said...

All of these reminders, reminds me in 2006 & 2007 when I went home to the Philippines. In 2007, hubby didn't wear his belt and he didn't bring any liquid stuff anymore.

Security is fine as long as as they will do the same policy in every airport.

MommyBa said...

Thank you for these tips. :) I'll keep them in mind :)

Happy thursday :)

ann said...

Ang dami na nga hindi pwede ngayon, sobrang higpit minsan.Kaya lang para rin nman daw sa mga passengers yun. Thanks for this one.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jo. This is a very helpful guideline. I will keep them in mind to advice relatives and friends who are scheduled for a trip.

We have a long weekend here. No classes today Fri) because of Ramadan.

JO said...

hi Coco,
Yes, I see people smiling whenever they don't beep.

Hi Jenn,
Oh yes, we do that too. And I know it seems heartless, but rules are rules.

Hi Amypalko and Brenda,
Glad to be of help.

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Sometimes travelling can be a lot of hassles too... but better to be safe than sorry, right?

Hi Liz,

Hi Ann,
Yes, some rules I find weird, but then what can I do? Taga implement lang ako.

Hi Rach,
Happy long weekend! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

great tips! Have you heard of the new scanner machine they have??? sounds pretty high tech, it does body imaging or something.

Junnie said...

these things never really dampened my spirit to fly and just waiting for our citizenship, para di na ako mainterview ulit sa 2nd screening...dun ako takot...not the liquids and what have yous...:P

dun sa # 4, yung socks, pinapatanggal na rin ? or im mistaken na dapat shoes yun.

Denise Patrick said...

This is why I haate traveling any more. It's almost not worth the hassle.

Thanks for visiting my TT!

Wolfie said...

Hello..thanks for the tips..interesting reminder..

Nicholas said...

I remember when security took 2 minutes. Ah, happy day!

Anonymous said...

My hubby flies for work every week, so I am up on all of these pains in the butts, but it's a small thing to keep us a bit safer.

Great post. People need to know what to expect! And happy TT! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


JO said...

Hi MamaArcher,
Yes, I've heard that, but due to invasion of privacy [coz with the body scanning they will see your figure in the monitor], I don't think it will be approved by the public.

Hi Junnie,
Ikaw pa? Sobrang viajero... so far, we don't require the removal of socks. Naku, na imagine ko lang ang sari saring amoy na kakalat sa screening area. yuck!

Hi Denise,
Yes, its so much hassle these days.. but it is also for your own safety.

JO said...

Hi Wolfie and Nicholas,
Thanks for visiting my TT.

Hi MamaLee,
I'm sure your husband is an expert packer already!

vernaloo said... many things to remember na ano? thanks for the tip...will revisit this entry na lang if I have a trip abroad hehe

JO said...

Hi Verns,
Hopefully I can come up with many more tips... just remember to check the airport and the airline for any updates right before taking a trip. You don't have to remember all of these right now, coz rules might change when its your time to travel.