Travel Insurance

My in-laws loved to travel and even after spending some quality time for one month last summer, they missed their grandkids so much that they are on their way here in 2 weeks time.

My MIL used to have a comprehensive medical coverage for her and my FIL provided by her employer. She was hospitalized years ago while visiting my SIL in New York, and her medical bills didn't come cheap as she was a foreigner in that country. The diagnosis requires a triple bypass. Yet, her employer's insurance company paid her back in full.

Now that she is retired she will still be covered by her employer's insurance company as part of her retirement package but it no longer includes medical expenses outside the Philippines. Yet, she loved to travel so I suggested that she get separate travel insurance for added protection. It is very expensive to get sick in a foreign land. Even with pre-existing conditions, Cover My Travels offers favorable travel insurance over 70 to senior citizens like my in-laws.