Wall Brackets

After 10 months of no TV at home, we finally bought one last month. My in-laws are coming for a visit in 2 weeks time and unlike their previous visit, this time they will be staying here for 3 weeks. And with the kids in school and hubby and I working, they need a TV to keep them company and updated with the world news/events. So after much deliberation, we finally bought a Samsung 32" LCD TV.

Since our living room is really small and the shape is such that it is kind of hard to place our sofa, table and TV stand, I am contemplating on mounting the TV on the wall to save us more space. In the process of researching, I came upon this Plasma Wall Brackets and am really keen on getting one. Hubby though didn't like the idea for now since we don't want to put holes into this house that we are renting.

Check out Dekomount.com, they offers quality wall mount brackets for Plasma and LCD screen.


niceheart said...

Wow! You are so good. No TV for ten months. There was a time when we didn't own a TV, back when we were still in Pinas. Now, I'm a TV addict and I can't imagine what it's like without the TV.

evi said...

we didn't have TV during our first few months in Canada and we survived naman.

JO said...

Hi Irene,
Hehehe... thanks! but having the TV makes my kids TV addict again. :-(

Hi Evi,
I'm sure you have other things to be busy with back then like settling down and looking for a job. So TV is not as important.