A bad hair day!

There were times in the past where my first instinct was always right. Sometimes I'm glad I followed my instinct. But there were times when I don't follow it and regreted it.

Yesterday was one of those days! As I was doing my first load of laundry, I had this instinct not to do a second load. But I still decided to go ahead with my second load and guess what? I forgot to take out my cellphone in my pants! Huhuhuhu... it got soaked in the laundry and now its useless!

I don't usually put anything in my pants pockets. But working at the airport, where I don't have access to a landline, I had to have my cellphone with me in case of emergency at kid's school.

I even replaced my old Nokia 6110 with a Motorola SLVR as I need a slim and lightweight phone for my pocket. And it breaks my heart that after only 3 months, my Motorola is gone.

Now I am back to using my old Nokia phone. Arrrgh! I do plan to buy the same Motorola with my sponsored posts' income, but hubby wants me to find a different one.

Moral of the story: I should learn to trust my first instinct from now on.


MrsPartyGirl said...

hahaha, naku jo ang moral of the story, check all pockets before washing. :D

MommyBa said...

I follow that "mantra" - at least most of the time I do.

If I'm reluctant to do such a thing, I don't do it. For example, nagdalawang-isip ako bumyahe or whatever, I just do it some other time when I don't have doubts. 95% of the time, something bad happens kasi. Ganyan din si Papa. Very strong ang instincts.

It's sad that your phone got messed in the laundry. Pag-ipunan na lang ulit yung bagong phone. :)

Sa mga pictures nyo sa Jasper, sobrang lalo kong namiss ang Canada. Gusto ko na bumalik!!!! And just the other day, my best friend was crying over the phone kasi namimiss na nya 'ko and she wants me to go back na rin :( Sad tuloy ako pero siguro hintayin ko na lang yung tamang panahon.

Happy weekend!

evi said...

gee! these things happen though.

my husband naman forgot to remove a pen. all our clothes were tainted with ink.

ghee said...

awww...too bad,Jo..moral lesson:follow your instinct..ako rin,i believe and i had proven that i could rely on it.

may bagong invented na "gamot" dito para marecover ang soaked na cell phone,Jo.ang galing nga eh!

BTW,pls read my update HERE if you find time.
Happy weekend,

tani said...

that's too bad about your phone. well the situation thought you two important things... to check the pockets first before loading laundry and to trust your instincts. besides, you can always get a new phone. :)

Gina said...

Ang saklap!!! =((

I would have kicked myself if that happened to me. Mabuti nalang wala akong cell =P
But look at the bright side, at least you still have the old cell to use, and you could get a new one nalang uli if you needed to,di ba?

ann said...

Ganyan din nangyari sa cel ng friend ko, nalabhan din sa washing machine.

You try Nokia N95, yan gamit ko ngayon.Maganda sya.

Junnie said...

the moral of the story: dont wash your clothes, hehehe

just joking. you and Mitzi have the same second phone...ang nipis nga nya to be noticed that it is inside the back pockets noh?

N95 will survive the washing machine...mahal nga lang...heheheh

JO said...

Hi Meeya,
I know. But that has NEVER been a habit of mine.

Hi Liz,
Me too. If I have a bad feeling about a road trip, I cancel it.

Hi Evi,
Same thing happened to a friend of mine. Now, the husband is doing all the laundry! :-)

Hi Ghee,
No use na talaga itong cell ko. Oh well...

JO said...

Hi Tani,
I've waited for years before buying this Motorola of mine! Kaya sobra talagang masama ang loob ko sa pangyayari.

Hi Gina,
My old cell is very heavy on the pocket. Besides medyo malapit na din masira yun kasi 3 years old na din siya.

Hi Ann,
N95 is too expensive. I was looking at that one when I was in Manila. I like the GPS part of that phone, but it is just not within my budget. Besides it doesn't fit my requirement of slim and lightweight cell.

Hi Junnie,
Really??? N95 will survive the washing machine?

Raquel said...

I do follow with my instinct too, most of the time, totoo talaga.

Sayang ang cellphone mo Jo. Mahal pa naman ang phones ngayon at may two-year contract pa sa provider.

Linnor said...

Ouch! I'd feel the same way too....

vernaloo said...

arghh...ang sakit naman...pero sige lang...may mga ganyang moments din ako minsan. Sige lang...mapapalitan din yan.

denden said...

hi jo! ay sayang yung phone...dibale, you can replace it naman.

i didn't know that about N95. I have one but i don't want to try in case it gets broken. walang pamalit :)

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Oo nga, sayang talaga. My cell doens't have contract, prepaid lang kasi ako eh.

Hi Linnor, Vern and Denden,
Ouch talaga!

dangkin said...

waaaa...sad naman ako sa pangyayaring 'to :( nangyari yan sken, pero tissue lang naman yung nakalimutan ko sa bulsa.

nway, just keep on writing so you can buy a new one :)

JO said...

Hi Dangkin,
Together with the cell is a pen and my feminine napkin. Totally forgot to clean out the pockets. I can only blame myself!