Calgary vs. Toronto

For those planning to migrate or relocate, here's something to think about...

All airports in Canada is operated by CATSA [Canadian Air Transport Security Authority], but each airport is run by a private company and its own labor union.

In Calgary, working on your first day off, you get paid x1.5 [example: if your basic salary is $14/hour, you get $21/hour for the first day overtime]. On your second day off, you get paid x2 [$28/hour]. Not bad, right? And because of lack of manpower, it is easy to be overworked because your overtime is guaranteed to be approved. Calgary airport even have to borrow Screening Officers from Toronto airport to help us out. And even with the $5,000 yearly retention bonus, this job can't seem to hold its employees down due to other competitive wages and job opportunities available.

We also have a 10-hour shifting schedule. This means you can only work for 4 days a week. And if you want to, you can apply for overtime. On your second and third day overtime, you get paid x2. And believe me, there are a lot of people who choose to work 7x a week at 10 hours each day.

In Toronto, its the same rate for your first day off [$21/hour]. But on your second day off, you still get paid $21/hour. Big difference, right? Plus I was told by my friend who worked in Toronto airport that it is hard to get overtime hours there as they have full force. And they don't have the $5,000 retention bonus to look forward too.

DISCLAIMER: This comparison is based on my current employer ONLY. This is NOT a generalization.


Leah said...

That's quite a good rate. Good for you. That's why alot of people are migrating to Calgary.

Raquel said...

This is a great opportunity to those who are away from their families especially overseas workers. Work nalang ng work to keep the homesickness away at the same time well paid pa with OT's.

MrsPartyGirl said...

at the same time, mas lower ang cost of living sa calgary so your income goes a long way, di ba?

JO said...

Hi Leah,
True, but a lot of people are also leaving Calgary due to high cost of houses.

Hi Raquel,
Wala naman pahinga pag panay ang OT. :-)

Hi Meeya,
No, cost of living here is slightly higher than in Toronto.

dangkin said...

Cool! Pero cguro ang gumagawa lang ng 10/hrs/7days work are those who are single? kasi kung ako single pa at dyan ako nagwo-work, i'll go for that! :-) sayang ang moolah ;)

Junnie said...

Jo, kapag nakaipon na kayo for the kids' college fund, balik na kayo sa Toronto ha? mabilis lang diyan makaipon...although mas mataas ang cost of living

Analyse said...

not a bad deal at all.. here in france kasi, OTs are not really encouraged by companies because of too high social charges they have to pay.. and now, the govt would like to change that but still, implementation is still a pain..

too complicated, for instance, at my level, i don't badge, which means they don't have any control on how many hours per day i work.. and i work more than 35 hours/week which is the standard (a lot of us do that here)..

JO said...

Hi Dangkin,
Not really, meron din mga married. Shifting naman kasi ang sched namin, so there shouldn't be any conflict with kid's sched.

Hi Junnie,
Mike plans to go back to Toronto... pero sabi ko after 5 years pa, ang hirap kaya maglipat!

Hi Analyse,
Mas ok din ang no OT, para more time for the family.