Conversation #21: On test scores

Two weeks ago, my so brought home a science test with a zero mark [0/6]... and the following day a Math test with a perfect score [52/52]. And I told him that he should be bringing home perfect scores and not zeros.

Today, my son brought home the following project/test scores for my signature...

All about me booklet [project] = 66%
Spelling 1 = 30%
Spelling 2 = 80%
Math 1 = 84%
Math 2 = 90%

PATRICK: "Mommy, it is a good thing that I don't get perfect scores."
ME: "Why is it a good thing?"
PATRICK: "Then people will not think that I am bragging."
ME: "Having a perfect score doesn't mean you are bragging. It should make you feel proud of yourself."

This is how my son is justifying his grades to me... haaaaaayyyyy! I should get his first report card on the 26th.


Junnie said...

tell Patrick, 1 mistake is ok. :) so that expectations to make a perfect score will not be there always :)

We're sure Patrick is intelligent, ayaw lang niyang ipakita. His statement about "bragging" is just his smokescreen....

evi said...

his scores show that he is good at math. kids are always ready with smart reasons.

tani said...

goes to show it's not the grades.. Patrick is one smart kid!

Heart of Rachel said...

At least you're sure you have an intelligent son. I wonder what gave him the idea that perfect scores can be attributed to bragging. Intriguing reason. Perhaps, he just wants to be humble and not outshine his classmates.

ghee said...

wow!Jo,your son is so good at math!wow!at masyadong humble,haha!cute!

JO said...

Hi Junnie,
I know that Patrick is a very smart boy, I just hope the teacher will see it on his test results too.

Hi Evi,
He is good at Math, that is why it is disappointing to see him get low scores.

Hi Tani,
His weakness is really in spelling... I should start doing something about it at home!

Hi Rach,
When he brought home the perfect Math test, he told me that he was the only one who got perfect score. I hope that is not the reason behind his reasoning.

Hi Ghee,
Humble nga ba? o tinatamad lang minsan?

Raquel said...

I agree with Ghee, what a humble reaction.

Jo, meron pala akong award sau, just get it here.

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Thank you very much!!! Yey, 2 more blog awards for me!