Vacuum cleaner is one of my favorite cleaning device at home. My only problem is the previous vacuum cleaner that I bought easily breaks down on me. And once it broke down, it is more expensive to have it repaired or find replacement parts. The cheaper way to go is to buy a new one. And I had my third one in the span of six years. I guess the models that I choose doesn't last very long.

But if you had a Dyson vacuum cleaner, whether you have the upright or cylinder or handheld vacuum cleaners, you don't have to worry. Dyson parts and accessories are now available through their website at a reasonable cost. Just look for the model you have and you will see all the parts and accessories for that particular model.

Dyson is currently having a special promotion where they offer some free stuff on certain models and even free delivery on some orders.


Junnie said...

Guess what??? this is on top of Mitzis Christmas Wish List...Dyson rocks! I hope they send me free gifts...because I'm not really joking that we intend to buy but the price is rather an investment from our end...its too steep but worth it.

JO said...

Hi Junnie,
Really??? Then you should buy her one, right now! :-)