Get a wireless broadband now!

When hubby first started talking about changing our current subscription to a broadband, I said “what?” It really took hubby a long time to explain this for me to understand.

Basically, the wi fi broadband gives you real savings. You see, with wi fi broadband, we cut down our phone bills' monthly fees in half. And we are able to choose the area code for our phone number. Example, if you live in Calgary, you can have the area code of New York or Los Angeles. If you have families abroad, who also have a broadband with the same area code as your phone number, all your calls will be considered as local calls even if you are in the different parts of the world. No more long distance charges to pay. Now that is what I call real savings!

During our last summer vacation in the Philippines, we even brought our broadband with us so if anybody from Calgary, employer or friends calls, it will still be a local call for them and us. And this is only possible to the technology of wi fi.

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