My Firsts in 2007

This question came from Junnie's blog entry today --

What are some of the firsts that you experienced in 2007?

  1. First full time job
  2. First car registered to my name
  3. First time earning $$$ through blogging
  4. First LCD TV
  5. First trip to Jasper National Park
  6. First Reconciliation of Patrick [November 24, 2007]

  7. First Eucharist of Patricia [starts this wednesday]
  8. First mortgage pre-approval in Canada


ann said...

Hello Jo! Parang lahat yata ng first mo na yan for 2007 ay sa Calgary na nangyari.

denden said...

hi jo! 2007 is a great year noh? may you have many more firsts in the remaining month of 2007. :)

tintin said...

Mortgage preapproval? I must have missed your post on that. Congrats!!!

The rest on your list sound so full and fulfilling too.

Junnie said...

wow! great list of "firsts" - indeed these times are for you and hubby to cherish. the kids are getting bigger and older and at the same time, more mature na rin...congrats on the pre-approval...this year is already good and it looks like 2008 is going to be better!

kiss Patricia for us during her first communion.

evi said...

all your firsts can tell that moving from toronto to calgary is the right move for your family. all the best!

JO said...

Hi Ann,
Yup, Calgary has been good to us.

Hi Denden,

Hi Tintin,
I don't have any post on house hunting or buying a home yet, just wanted to see how much we are approved for.

Hi Junnie,
Thanks! We are hoping for more good things to come.

Hi Evi,
Yes, we made the right decision, all things considered. It's not all bed of roses, but I believed that the good surpasses the negative points, by far.

tani said...

I wonder how you manage. A full time job, two well-adjusted kids, and blogging! :) Congratulations on getting a lot of first milestones. :)

bingskee said...

wonderful firsts... you are blessed!

Raquel said...

I think 2007 is a lucky year for you. Wow! Mortgage pre-approval?

JO said...

Hi Tani,
Sometimes I wonder myself. ",)

Hi Bingskee,

Hi Raquel,