On Retirement

One thing that scares me about living in North America is the influence of the Americans or Canadians about not taking care of their elderly. Coming from a country where people value the family unit, and children taking care of their old and sick parents, I sometimes wonder if my kids will do the same for us.

Hubby's plan, for now, is to retire in one of the beaches in the Philippines. Because he fears that nobody will take care of us here once our kids have their own family and lives to live.

I once met an elderly Caucasian lady as she walks through the metal detector at the airport, she hugged me as soon as she founds out that I am from the Philippines. She said she just came from the Philippines for a visit, and she loved the people there. She loved the way the children takes care of their parents. That brief hug definitely made my day!

But because the trend here is going to care homes after retirement, there is a lot of dedicated service provider out there to help us find the right kind of care we needed.


Tani said...

I too would sometimes think about my retirement. It's better to plan early. I don't want to burden my children by worrying about their parents. I won't know how they'll feel. But personally, I would love to take care of my parents when they're old.

JO said...

Hi Tani,
I guess if our kids see us taking care of our parents, then maybe they will also take of us when we grow old... :-)