Shopping for a Digital Camera

My brother in law, L, who got married last year, just had a baby boy last August.

While I was on vacation, I took lots of pictures of baby R and left them copies. They loved it because it’s the only print copies they have. They don't have a camera , all they have is the camera on their cell phone. Quality wise its not that good.

It's a pity they decided to hold the Christening 2 weeks after I left Manila or I would have volunteered to be their photographer. My MIL took some pictures during the Baptism, but sad to say, nobody initiated or remembered taking pictures during the reception.

Now that MIL and FIL are here, we are looking to buy him a digital camera so they won't miss capturing the growth of their baby boy. And browsing through the internet, I found This site gives you a comparison of prices from a wide variety of products through hundreds of different shops.