Thirteen Thursday #33: Dream Home

13 Things in looking for our dream home

  1. Location, location and location!
  2. Minimum of at least 2 full bath
  3. A big kitchen with an island in the center and lots of cupboards
  4. Walk-in closet in the masterbedroom
  5. Spacious closets in the kids' room
  6. Minimum of 3 bedrooms
  7. Attached garage
  8. A playground nearby
  9. A community center close by
  10. Close to our current place of work
  11. Close to medical clinic and dental offices
  12. Close to malls/grocery stores/banks
  13. Close to schools/church

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Samantha_K said...

I'm going to be househunting soon, and all of those are on my list. My extras would be a fireplace, gigantic tub and a wrap around porch. Good luck finding your dream home!
Happy Thursday!

Dane Bramage said...

Great tips. And I would never had bought my home without an ABR. People use realtors to sell their homes so it makes sense to use one when you are buying.

Thanks for stopping by my T13!

Shoshana said...

I hope you find the perfect home you're looking for...have fun looking.

Junnie said...

yay! except for the island in the kitchen and being close to our place of work (well, for me it is) your top 13 can be considered as our Top 13.

The condo/apartment beside is for sale :)
Sana kayo na lang ang kapitbahay namin...and that means you need to go back here in Mississauga.

Heart of Rachel said...

Yes, location. I love our small home. If only I can transfer it to Manila where I used to live or better yet Makati.

I would love a walk-in closet for all the bedrooms. I'm sure my hubby would love a bigger kitchen.

Danielle said...

We moved into a nice 3 br/2 ba house in a cute neighborhood summer before last. No community center and it's only close to the interstate exit, but I like it.

We're renting though and have 3 kids so I hope to buy something a little bigger one day!

Good luck!!!

Open Grove Claudia said...

gosh - good luck! I think that houses find their people. I hope it's not too long or too painful. A home is really a wonderful thing to have.

Happy TT!

mom huebert said...

Well, at least I have the kitchen with a nice big island....

I hope you find your dream home soon!

Gina said...

Yes, those would be some of the considerations when we are ready to buy a house!

Btw, no more delay in loading up your page unlike before. =)

JO said...

Hi Samantha,
Oh yes, I also want a jacuzzi... but I guess I will have to settle for a regular tub for now... I don't like fireplace.

Hi Dane,
ABR? what is that?

Hi Shoshana,
Thanks! I think we already have.

Hi Junnie,
We don't have any plans to move back to Toronto/Mississauga in the next 5 years... dito muna kami...

JO said...

Hi Rach,
Yes it would be nice to live in Makati... I would love that too if I were still in the Philippines.

Hi Danielle,
Thanks. To live near a major highway is a plus too... but noisier?

Hi Claudia,
It sure is!

Hi Mom Huebert,
I think to most mothers, a big kitchen is a plus factor.

Hi Gina,
Thanks for letting me know about the delay in my blog before. It was cause by ads...

Sassy Lucy said...

Great list, and it gave me an idea for a future T13.
Thanks for your visit to my list.

Tani said...

We have a similar dream house. :) But mine has a farm. hehehe... Soon I'll get my dream house. For now, it's just condo living. :)

Robin said...

I redid my house last year and I am LOVING my new kitchen island. I hope you find one you love too.

amanda rae said...

i love big kitchens! hope you get your dream home!!

happy tt!


JO said...

Hi SassyLucy,
Thanks for returning the visit.

Hi Tani,
I don't like to take care of pets or any farm animals... 2 kids are enough to take up most of my time already.

Hi Robin and Amanda,
Thanks!!! A big kitchen is definitely a must for me.

Nicholas said...

Good luck in finding your dream home. It's out there somehwere!

JO said...

Hi Nicholas,
Thanks! I'm sure I don't have to look very far.