Thursday Thirteen #32: Screening tips

All airports in Canada operates under the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority [CATSA], any complains you may have regarding our screening process may be addressed to them. Screening officers are just there to implement rules and regulations.

I decided to come up with this list since I have been encountering angry and rude passengers during my training two weeks ago.

13 things to remember when going through airport security

  1. Don't get angry if we need to search your bag or you, we are just doing our job. And remember there is always a first time for everything. You may travel a lot and this could be the first time you are being checked.
  2. Do not pack stuff in your carry-on that you don't want to be checked or touched by the screening officers.
  3. Do not complain or say bad words, we could detain you and let you miss your flight. Really.
  4. Do not say "I have a gun or bomb" even as a joke! We take these things seriously. You could be banned from flying - forever!
  5. If we confiscate stuff from you [like swiss army knife, your toiletries over 100ml in containers, pointed scissors and other non permitted items], don't curse us. We have no interest in your items. They either go to charity or auction or garbage.
  6. Random checking does not have anything to do with your race or color, so do not ever initiate that you were picked because of your color.
  7. If you were pick for random checking, that is good; it means we are doing our job properly. This is being done in all airports, it doesn't mean that if you had not experienced this before that we are not doing it.
  8. To avoid having items confiscated, please make sure you are well aware of the rules regarding permitted and non-permitted items in your carry-on and checked baggage.
  9. Always remember 9/11... would you want to be one of the passengers in one of the flight that day? So please, let us do our job the right way. No shortcuts just because you're late for your flight.
  10. And if you encounter staff training on the line, be glad! It means new hires are given proper training to make you feel safe and secure during your flight.
  11. Remember, we are risking our lives on the line everyday too... in case of a bomb alert, we cannot even leave our post until police and bomb squad arrives.
  12. Remember, our job is very important for the airline crew and the flying public's safety. You may not think so, but just talk to people who lost their loves ones on plane that were hijacked then maybe you can better understand our position.
  13. Last but not the least, please do not ever complain that the x-ray operator is moving too slow or taking too long.

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    Di said...

    Great to hear about your job...and travelers definitely need to be reminded about this stuff!

    As a traveler, I would like to ask my fellow travelers to be ready when they get up to the area where they put their stuff in the bins. And just as a courtesy, take a look behind you. If you have two toddlers, a stroller and three carry on bags...if the person behind you has nothing but a cell phone and a wallet, let them go ahead!!!

    I ask that because I often go through security to pick up a minor traveling alone and literally just bring in my wallet and my cell phone, yet I have to wait behind people who have never traveled before and have a million things and don't know what to do with them.

    It's kind of a letting the person with two items when you have a whole cartload go ahead of you at the grocery store!

    Joyismygoal said...

    good post I am glad to hear your side i havea couple of friends who work at the airport too and they always say people get so rude I try to always be nice but I have had some awful experiences w/ flights and Luggage and doublespeak but the two times i have been searched were not bad very respectful :>

    Heart of Rachel said...

    Hi Jo! People should realize that it's for their own safety but I guess sometimes it's really hard to make everyone understand.

    Thanks for sharing this enlightening post.

    Raggedy said...

    Great to hear the other side of the story. It does not sound like you have an easy job.
    Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
    My TT is posted.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Happy TT'ing!
    (")_ (")Š

    Wolfie said...

    Hi..thanks for sharing..will keep this is mind..

    Nap Warden said...

    Hey great list...thanks for sharing it!

    JO said...

    Hi Di,
    You're right about letting others go in front of you... there are people like that!

    Hi Joyismygoal,

    Hi Rach,
    Yes, some people don't realize that its for their own good. Oh well, you can't please everybody.

    Hi Raggedy,
    It may look like its an easy job, but its definitely not!

    Hi Wolfie and Nap,
    You're welcome!

    Nicholas said...

    Very good list of important points. I know someone who, long before the heightened security following 9-11 said "Didn't you find my gun?" as a joke to security at Toronto airport, and he thought they were going to sling him in jail. As it is, he got taken to a side room, strip searched, and his baggage was examined and re-examined. He missed his flight. And serve him right.

    Lori said...

    Great advise!!I know its a pain but Id rather be safe:) Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.

    Sleeping Mommy said...

    Great tips and something people need to keep in mind--everyone needs to remember that you all are just doing your jobs for OUR benefit, not just entertain yourselves.

    Thanks for visiting my TT:

    Dane Bramage said...

    I never had to fly to or from Canada but I have flown alot in the US since 9/11. These are great tips. My brother works for TAS near here.

    Thanks for visiting my 13 Favorite T.V. Theme Songs edition T13.

    Alasandra said...

    Thanks for visiting my TT.

    I understand that you don't make the rules, but some of them are so stupid. I need my contact solution in case my eyes dry out on the plane. It's contact solution for crying out loud, it will not harm anyone or anything. But my eyes can be harmed without it.

    Morgan St. John said...

    AH, good points. Many jobs get in the way of people's convenience... The ER nurse who can't do anything about the wait... The grocery store clerk who did ask YOU to be there on the day before Christmas or the day before the next blizzard. We all need a little understanding and compassion for others.

    I mean, if they're not swearing at you...maybe it's because they're just as frustrated, right?

    great post. thanks for visiting my blog.

    Junnie said...

    i'm travelling again this Sunday. so this is something like a review for me...this time, i'm packing light. no metals. no water. no laptop! :_)

    JO said...

    Hi Nicolas,
    I'm sure he will not do that again.

    Hi Lori, SleepyMommy and Dane
    Thanks for stopping by too.

    JO said...

    Hi Alasandra,
    Sorry to hear you had a bad encounter. But we do allow contact solution, irregardless of the size. FYI.

    Hi Morgan,

    Hi Junnie,
    Where to? Can you go without your laptop? hehehe

    tani said...

    I feel better when airport (or mall) security is "mabusisi". I don't mind the long lines.

    JO said...

    Hi Tani,
    Better to be safe than sorry, right?