Change a Life. Change Your Own.

That's World Vision.

Among the many charity/organizations out there, one of my favorite is the World Vision. Here, you have the option to sponsor a child or give a gift or simply get involved.

I started supporting World Vision when I was still in the Philippines. I try to donate as much as I could. I do wish that one day I will be able to sponsor a child.

This holiday season, share a little of your blessings to the children who have nothing. Donations/Gifts can now be made online!

7 Reasons for Confidence in World Vision

  1. Canadians have given World Vision their trust since 1950. Today, more than 568,000 Canadians support our work and 415,000 children are sponsored through World Vision.
  2. World Vision is a registered charitable organization that complies with the requirements of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), which handles audits and regulates compliance activities for qualifying organizations and charities.
  3. An independent Canadian accounting firm, KPMG LLP, audits World Vision's finances annually. The audited statement is available to the public in our annual report and on our website.
  4. World Vision is accountable to an independent board of directors with considerable expertise in the private, public and non-profit sectors. They receive no compensation for their work.
  5. World Vision is accountable to external organizations such as the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the World Food Programme, who require us to follow strict reporting requirements.
  6. World Vision is one of two international non-governmental organizations to receive top rating in One World Trust's 2006 Global Accountability Report. The report measures transparency with donors, participation with the public, evaluation and measurement of programs, and complaint and response mechanisms.
  7. In 2006, 82.5% of our revenue went to support programs that combat poverty and help children in need. When we fundraise, for every $1 spent, we raise $7 to help children in need.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Jo. I requested a World Vision canister for "baryas" in our clinic. That way some people can give loose change after having their vital signs taken. World Vision a worthy cause.


btw, I moved to wordpress already.

Midas said...

Hi Jo, this is a great post. Do they give international canisters you think? My kids loves to give their extra change to charity.

Raquel said...

What a nice and sweet gesture for you to do this thing.

Every year, we are giving away our used clothes in our Church. I think that is good enough.

tintin said...

I made donation in the name of family members to World Vision as well. That will be my present for the adults. I'm only buying presents for the kiddies.

JO said...

Hi Tani,
That's good! We really need to spread the word!

Hi Midas,
World vision is worldwide!

Hi Raquel,
Thanks! Whatever we can part with, is always good for the less fortunate ones.

Hi Tintin,
Yes, it is a nice gift for adults.

your world vision said...

Hi! Just stumbled upon you site..and I just want to say i'm glad you're supporting world vision. We need more people like you in this world. :)