Marriage Proposal

This is from Toni's blog.

"Tell me a story about a marriage proposal — yours, a friend's, a family member's, or someone else's story you just heard about from somewhere. I'm certain there will be a spectrum of moods and tones here — some will be grand, some simple, some saccharine, some funny, and hey, even disastrous. Not all marriage proposals are successful, right? This'll make for a really interesting blog carnival. And who knows? Maybe some readers will get ideas for the new year. Hmmm.

Write about it in your blog and link back to this post. I will collate all links and entries and have the set up by mid-December. Deadline for submission of entries is on Dec. 9, 2007, 11:59 pm."

Let the Marriage Proposal Blog Carnival begin!


I already blog about this before. But here is how my future SIL, D, would relate her special event, verbatim. I got this from her's site --

R is hubby's youngest brother, the future groom
D is the future bride, and a single mom
M is D's 9 year old son
and A is D's friend

"I was in Basement 1 of Robinsons Galleria Mall with A, my officemate, who was hitching a ride with me to Makati. We were busy ranting about our stressful day and had to stop by the trunk of my car so I can fish through my purse for my car keys. A suddenly said, "Oh!" with a startled tone and I looked behind me and then seconded her, "Oh!"...

R emerged from the SUV parked beside my car. He was holding a bouquet of red roses and, sweating like crazy, seemed to have lost at least 5 lbs in the process of waiting to surprise me. He gave me the bouquet and whipped out a sheet of rolled bond paper from his back pocket.

He then proceed to read his "speech" entitled, "The 12 Things I Love About D." (This was around the time I turned to M and said, in a very bridezilla tone of voice, "Huy! Take pictures! Activate your phone-cam! Video, video! Picture, picture!")

R was already on number 5 of his list when I turned to him, dramatically teary-eyed, and lovingly said, "Hon...ang init...ok lang if pasok na tayo sa car tapos continue natin ito sa aircon?" [Honey, its hot, do you mind if we continue it inside the car with the aircon on?]

When we were about to get into the car, I saw the petals on the windshield... he had partially covered the windshield with blue, red, pink and white petals!!! [So, once again, I snapped to attention, whipped my head to my side and said, "A! Look alive! Stay alert! Shoot! Shoot!"]

Inside the car, he continued to read, "The Twelve Things I Love About D" which, in my completely unbiased opinion, is a great literary work of art.

It was a wonderful surprise and well-executed! No one else can claim to have been proposed to in a carpark, with flowers and a speech! He somehow knew that no other surprise would have worked as much as this one did. He chose the least likely venue, and the least likely time... Anything else, such as a fancy restaurant or a romantic setting... and I would have guessed within the first 5 seconds! It was the best surprise ever and I can't ask for anything more :)

The Twelve Things I Love About D --
  1. She is a good mom to M. She takes care of him all the time. Her love for him overflows. M is always top priority.
  2. She is very animated, candid, true to herself kind of deal.
  3. Her passion for the arts [visual, music] is admirable.
  4. Music is her zone - song-writing, composing & singing. Combined with her talents, her sheer intelligence brings out an excellent performance in terms of her corporate career life. She is always on top of her game.
  5. She is a go-getter. She knows what she wants and knows how to get it.
  6. She loves dealing with people. She's so good at it, she can be mistaken as an HR practicioner.
  7. She is very generous with her time, resources, efforts & money especially with matters with her family.
  8. She is a let-your-hair-down, fun-loving, free-spirited, adventurous type of person. She is full of energy, and always on the go.
  9. She is not maarte, can adjust to any type of place or situation.
  10. Although not maarte, she knows how to take care of her health & beauty. Her fashion sense is also very good.
  11. Her best trait I guess is her taste in boys. Or shall I say, she has finally improved on her good taste in boys... ehem, ehem.
  12. Finally, she loves her boyfriend a lot, as much as her boyfriend loves her!
Will you marry me?"


sasha said...

Hi Jo! Sobrang nakakakilig naman ang story ng future SIL mo :)


Junnie said...

woohoo! i love romance...even if it means done in a polluted basement parking area in galleria...


Raquel said...

Your future SIL has a good qualities. I like the #4.

ghee said...

Oh yes,Ive read that before :)

sweet naman ng brother mo,natawa ako sa number 11,she has a good taste in boys?haha!

have a nice week ahead,Jo!

JO said...

Hi Sasha,
Oo nga... mine was nothing compared to this one. :-)

Hi Junnie,
I would love to hear how you proposed to Mitzi... or did you blog about this already? please share the link here. Thanks.

Hi Raquel,
Thanks! She's a very nice lady. I get to spend some time with her while we were in Manila.

Hi Ghee,
I think that also goes the other way around... my BIL's taste has improved too. :-)

Raquel said...

Thanks for the reply Jo. Your BIL looks almost the same sa hubby mo. Akala ko, old pix nyo ni hubby.

Meron pala akong update kay Maria pero mamaya ko na ipo-post tatapusin ko muna ang mga taggings, may apat pa ata.

Ann said...

Nabasa ko nga rin yan dati di lang detalyado. Kanya-kanyang style talaga para maging unique, pero ang sweet naman ng guy.

vernaloo said...

awwww...that was really sweet...the effort and all =)

Heart of Rachel said...

What a sweet moment that must have been. R is such a romantic person to come up with a wonderful plan like that. I like how he thought of writing 12 things about the love of his love. Thanks for sharing.

JO said...

Hi Raquel and Vernaloo,

Hi Ann and Rach,
I didn't know R is a romantic at heart.

MrsPartyGirl said...

sobrang really really sweet! :) i liked #11 too hehe.

Christine said...

they look good together! all the best to your bro and future sil! :)

Bugsybee said...

Uuuuy! I never thought a basement parking area could be romantic! Congratulations to your brother-in-law and his future bride.

JO said...

Hi Meeya, Christine and Bugsy,

gracita said...

uy, i know darling! she was my classmate way back in st.scho :) ganda ng boses nyan! your bro is so sweet naman!

Toni said...

Hi Jo! Thank you so much for joining the carnival. I've just rounded up all the beautiful stories. :)

Maraming salamat ulit! And I guess I have your SIL to thank too. :D

JO said...

Hi Gracita,
Really? None of my hubby's family know about this blog of mine... pls don't tell Darling!

Hi Toni,
Thank you! I am getting so many ideas from your blog.