Warning Sign

"Malate Church is dedicated to Nuestra Senora de Remedios [Our Lady of Remedies], an image of the Virgin Mary to whom the faithful have turned in times of trouble over four centuries. The church is also historically significant as the base from which the British launched their assault on Intramuros, which then placed Manila under British rule for a two-year period. The present weathered adobe structure is actually only over 100 years old, though various predecessors have stood on the site since the end of the 16th century."

This sign is posted as a reminder inside the church.


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jo. Happy weekend! Now, that is an amusing sign but definitely something that should be taken into consideration.

niceheart said...

It is indeed an amusing sign. :) And one thing that struck me when I came here in Canada is that when we go take the bread at Communion, we leave our bags and purses at our seats and you don't have to worry about it getting stolen. At least we do that here in Winnipeg. I don't know if you have the same experience, Jo.


JO said...

Hi Rach,
Thanks... happy weekend to you too... stay safe from your shopping spree.

Hi Irene,
People here leave theirs bags at the church too... and even at grocery carts...

Francesca said...

ang hagalpak ng tawa ni Lolo, haha

MommyBa said...

LOL! I never had a problem leaving my bag when I was in Canada, be it in the Church, at the grocery or in a restaurant. I guess Canadians are way too honest and that's one great thing I love about them.

Here? I can only say "good luck" if you ever leave your belongings unattended. Even if you leave it in your car, which is supposed to be a "sacred" and "private" place for the one who owns it, things can still be stolen. Sad, but it's true.

Happy weekend!

Ladynred said...

wahahah, very funny sign Jo and yet it's true.

JO said...

Hi Francesca and Liz,
Even as you enter the public washroom, there are people watching if you will neglect your bag for just 1 minute... that's all the time they need to get your wallet!

Hi Agring,
Kumusta na?