PMN Family Photo: At Play

My kids just enjoyed running and sliding on the ice...

Columbia Icefield, Jasper National Park

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evi said...

i really want to go back to columbia icefield.

Toni said...

that super looks like fun! it's literally an ice field? how cool!

Anonymous said...

What happens if their pants get wet? Grabe pwede pala yon! :) Must be really fun! :)

Heart of Rachel said...

That looks like fun. I'd love to experience it someday.

Francesca said...

bah, libre na sila entrance for ice skating, haha

JO said...

Hi Evi,
Maybe we can plan it on the same weekend so we can meet?

Hi Toni,
Its very slippery though.

Hi Tani,
You will need a snowpants to play in the snow/ice.

Hi Rach,
I'm sure you will!

Hi Francesca,
Yup, its free all day long!

raqgold said...

wow, i would love to slide with them too :D

Ann said...

Sana kids pa rin mga anak ko pag nasa may snow na kami...hahaha!

Down server namin kaya dito muna ako update.

Happy weekend!

lady cess said...

oh my gosh...i totally forgot pmn fampics :) so no entry again for this month :)

that sure looks like a lot of fun. your kids must be asking you to go back there.

julie said...

Wow, that looks so much fun! My son would love that since he will not perspire and have an asthma attack,lol!

Have a great week, Jo!

JO said...

Hi Raqgold,
It's very slippery.

Hi Ann,
No matter how old you get, you will definitely enjoy your first snow!

Hi Cess,
This entry is a bit early... I thought its the first day of the month. Yun pala first monday of the month. So puwede ka pang humabol.

Hi Julie,
All kids will love doing this for sure...

Raquel said...

Brrr, lamig jan.

ruth said...

that looks like a lot of fun! katakot lang in case they slip!

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Yes, it was very cold that day and windy too.

Hi Ruth,
I honestly don't know why, but my kids can run around in snow and never slip... while I was very careful when walking and still I fell down. bummmer!