Skiing time

Yesterday, we and another family went for some skiing lessons at Canada Olympic Park [C.O.P.] where the XV Olympic Winter Games in 1988 was held.

C.O.P. have this promo that is only good on a saturday night that starts at 5:45pm. The lesson is good for 1.5 hours only but we get to stay for as long as we want until the park closes. So, we stayed until 8:30pm.

Patrick is a very good skier already but this is a first for Patricia and my second time.

I believe that skiing is the sport for me and would love to develop this. The first time I went skiing [in Feb 2006] I fell down a lot... this time though I didn't fell at all and I know how to make a turn to avoid hitting people. Still, my whole body is aching right now and I had to call in sick today as I don't think I can stand for 8 hours at work.

The snow you see in the pictures are actually fake snow.

Canada Olympic Park is a popular place for people looking to go skiing or snowboarding but do not want to drive out to the mountains. The hill is divided into three sections, the downhill racing section, the casual section and the terrain park.


Ann said...

Parang ok nga yan ah. Hindi yata pwede mga kids ko dyan, marami silang mababangga...hehehe.

evi said...

i haven't tried skiing or snowboarding yet. i can maybe but it has to be flat. i don't want hills. i'm so scared. even tobogganing for me is already scary enough. hehe...

Heart of Rachel said...

Skiing must be quite a thrill. Glad you enjoyed your second time skiing. Looks like the kids had a terrific time too.

Raquel said...

Jo, natanggap ko na ang pinadala mo. Thank you ha, you're so sweet.

Btw, I can see the video. I'm sure the kiddos had fun.

Junnie said...

sabay ata tayong ang skiing .:) galing mo na ba?

JO said...

Hi Ann,
That's why you take lessons, the instructor will be there to assist you.

Hi Evi,
I love tobogganing too... though I don't think I can do snowboarding.

Hi Rach,
Yes, it is exciting.

Hi Raquel,
You're welcome!

Hi Junnie,
I didn't forget our first lessons together... coz I didn't fell down at all. :-)

gracita said...

i've been telling my husband that i want to seriously take skiing lessons in ski dubai. unfortunately, hubby is not supportive of this idea. san ko daw gagamitin yun?

anyway, inggit ako sa inyo. is it really a fun thing to do? :)

JO said...

Hi Gracita,
Try to find somebody to go with you... if I wait for my husband, I will never experienced the joy of skiing... to me, I truly enjoyed this sport and hopefully I'd get to ski more.