Tag #23: Meme from Yohan to Patricia

Patricia just got tagged by Yohan. Here's 8 Random Things about Patricia.

  1. She's expresses her feelings through arts, drawings and writings.
  2. She's very eager to play the piano that she did it on her own with just a little help from me.
  3. She is very daring and loves adventures!
  4. She's a very picky eater.
  5. She used to be scared of mascots... so I am so happy when she kissed Jollibee on her 7th birthday party. This is the first time she's been this close to a mascot.
  6. She's her teacher's little helper around the class.
  7. She's also my little helper around the kitchen.
  8. She is going to be a Junior Bridesmaid at her Tito R's wedding this coming June! [Yes, we are all going home for the wedding!]
Patricia would like to know more about her little friends too, so she's tagging --

Axel - Evi's only son.
Joshua - Ann's comedian son.
Maria - Raquel's adorable daughter.
Ninna - Meeya's "I've-been-around-the-US" daughter.


evi said...

thanks patricia for tagging axel. thanks jo.

a junior bridesmaid at 7. buti
pa si patricia. ako bridesmaid at don't-mention-the-age. LOL.

ann said...

Hello Patricia! I'll tell Josh about this tag. Wait for his reply and i'll post it soon.

Hello Jo! Uwi na naman pala kayo. Napadalas yata ngayon.

Junnie said...

wow piano player na pala si patricia. is she still into drawing and the arts? how tall is she now since you moved to Calgary? ambilis ng panahon, pabalik na naman kayo sa Pinas, parang kelan lang noh?

Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks Jo and Patricia for doing this meme.

I hope Yohan will also outgrow his fear of mascots just like Patricia.

It's nice that Patricia is a great helper in school and also at home. A great sign that she is dependable.

I was a Junior Bridesmaid for my uncle when I was in grade school. I just don't recall how old I was then.

Admin said...

Jo, thank you for tagging me ha.

#3, wow, Patricia is daring. Maria is picky eater too. Looking forward for pictures to share in #8...oi, inggit na naman ako. Mga ilang weeks kayo mag stay sa pinas?

Admin said...

May nakalimutan...I will post this tag pag tapos na ang campaign ko ha, medyo busy pa eh. Up to Saturday matapos to but if I want to get all the badges award kilangan daw I'm still top on the next week round. Not sure if i can continue my campaign though.

JO said...

Hi Evi,
The bride has a 9 year old son kasi whose going to be a junior bestman, so dapat may partner! I can't wait to dress up trish for the party.

Hi Ann,
For the wedding lang... after this year, malamang another 5+ years before we go home again.

Hi Junnie,
Yes, she's still into all those stuff.

Hi Rach,
You're welcome. Though I think you know 7/8 of these things already.

Hi Raquel,
2 weeks lang kami this time. Just for the wedding lang.

MrsPartyGirl said...

hi jo, DONE! :) sorry it took a while, hehe.

Raquel said...

Jo na post ko na ang tag, here's the link.

Btw, your latest is interesting, co-comment ako dun.