Thursday Thirteen #36: Cutting Home Heating Bills

13 Ways of cutting down your home heating bills

  • Wash clothing in cold water with cold water detergent.
  • Heat only those rooms that are in use.
  • Keep your thermostat constant. Adjusting them frequently can be costly.
  • Wear warm (closely knit fabrics) clothing indoors during cold weather.
  • Don't peek into the oven. You lose 20 percent to 50 percent of the heat each time you do.
  • Turn off oven about 5 minutes before cooking time is over.
  • Cut heat loss in half by weatherstripping doors and windows.
  • Insulate your water heater. This will pay for itself quickly.
  • Insulate your attic and all outside walls.
  • Insulate floors over unheated spaces such as crawl spaces and garage.
  • Insulate your mattress and bed frame with wrapping paper or plastic sheets.
  • Keep windows closed during cold weather.
  • Avoid use of kitchen, bathroom fans in winter. They waste household heat.

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Not Afraid to Use It said...

I am BAD about peeking in the oven. I will keep those percentages in mind. Great post!

evi said...

really good tips, jo. i can't avoid the use of the kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans though.

~cat said...

We implement a lot of these already. The adjusting the heat thing, though? I think I'm peri-menopausal because I keep turning it down, and people come in behind me and turn it UP again. This happens about - oh - five times a day.

JO said...

Hi NotAfraidtoUseIt,
Before I read these list from the internet, I am bad at peeking in the oven too.

Hi Evi,
Me too... especially if I am cooking fish.

Hi Cat,
Wow! That must have been costly on your part.

Nicholas said...

The key word is "insulate"!

JO said...

Hi Nicholas,
Yes, I totally agree with you.

Toni said...

Ooh we don't have heaters here in the Philippines as you know, so can't relate. I do love your TT graphic though!!

JO said...

hi TOni,
Thanks! I can email it to you if you like?