Thursday Thirteen #37: 13 movies

The last 13 movies that I've downloaded and watched at home

~ Absolutely loved these movies! I give it 5 stars! ~

~ I also loved the following movies ~

~ Nothing really interesting in these movies ~

~ These 2 are very weird and very disturbing movies ~

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Sparky Duck said...

I guess this DLing movies is a good idea afterall

Anonymous said...

how do you download movies?

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of using the posters for your list!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Man, you watch a lot! We are lucky if we watch two a month over here, but part of that is how late it gets once the kids are in bed.

Happy TT; thanks for stopping!

Zenmomma said...

Oh no I haven't seen any of these. Time to get my Netflix queue going.

Nicholas said...

I just watched Hostage a cope of evenings ago. It was a lot better thank I thought it would be.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jo. Good list, I like many of the movies you mentioned. I recently watched I Am Legend and I enjoyed the movie.

Anonymous said...

ako naman i didn't like I am Legend. I did enjoy Resident Evil and No Reservations though. I'm looking forward to Sydney White and the Seven Dorks. :) Di rin ako marunong magdownload movies kaya inaabangan ko na lang sa sinehan dito.

Sue said...

Great list idea! I'll have to check some of these out that I have not seen yet!

JO said...

Hi Sparky Duck,
For us, its the only way to get updated with the current movies without spending money on rentals.

Hi Anonymous,
Through rapidshare.

Hi Fullbodytransplant,

Hi Susan,
This list goes back 2-3 months ago... hehehe...

Hi Zenmomma,
GO for it!

Hi Nicholas,
Yes, Hostage is really good!!! I loved it.

Hi Rach,
I find the movie I am Legend to be boring, but the effects are good.

Hi Tani,
I can't afford to watch at the theaters here, that is why I have to resort to downloading movies.

Hi Sue,

MommyBa said...

I was able to watch 1408 and it really freaked me out of my wits! I'm such a scaredy cat!

Great list! I'll watch some of the recommendations you have.

JO said...

Hi Liz,
Freaky is the word! I wouldn't recommend you watch the "girl next door", it is really a very distrubing movie.

Courtney said...

I have seen DeJavu and I am Legend and enjoyed both. I didn't like 1409, not because it was disturbing, but just because I didn't think it was a good movie.

JO said...

Hi Courtney,
1408 is a very weird movie!

MommyBa said...

hi jo!

i was able to watch no reservations already on dvd as recommended by you and my best friend. haaay! i loved it! made me cry in some parts too.

thanks so much! i haven't blogged for a while now. i will after my exams :)

take care! *hugs*

JO said...

Hi Liz,
Take it easy... goodluck with your exams!