How do I increase the page rank of my blog? I honestly don't know how these page ranking works. My google page rank just went down from 3/10 to 0/10... and because of this I don't get to see anymore [sponsored post] opportunities available to me.

I still need to make a couple more hundred dollars to be able to buy myself an SLR digital camera before June. When I first started this paid blogging thing, my target was to be able to buy myself a laptop... instead, I bought myself a new cellphone [a Motorola SLVR L7] and hopefully an SLR digital camera. The laptop can wait for now.

So any tips you can give me to increase my page rank would be deeply appreciated. Thanks in advance!


ann said...

Hello Jo! PPP ka ba?

MommyBa said...

I think there was really like a "ban" or something to that effect for blogs dealing with paid posts to have higher page ranks in Google. Nakakainis nga kasi lahat ng alam kong me paid posts talagang nag-0 na ang PR including mine. I still get a numbe of posts from Payu2blog but not a single one anymore in PPP. :( I'll track this entry of yours at baka sakaling makakuha tayo ng mga tips :)

JO said...

Hi Ann,
PPP, smorty, blogitive, bloggerware, blogvertise... wala ng available ni isa!

Hi Liz,
Payu2blog never approved me, don't know why... How are they able to track those paid ads? Is the label/tag on the entry affecting this?

evi said...

jo, ang laki pala ng nakukuha mo sa paid blogging kasi yung target mo SLR. mahina talaga pala ako. hehe...
ppp lang kasi ako. wala akong idea dyan sa google rank na yan. i still have opps though. why don't you try changing your categories sa ppp coz sometimes it depends on the advertising load per category.

JO said...

Hi Evi,
Try Smorty [link on my left side bar]... they pay a little higher than PPP. I know some people who are making more than USD 500 per month... I'm not making that much... but yes, it is possible for you to buy SLR through SP alone. The only question is when?

jen said...

Jo, yung ibang paid bloggers na kilala ko bought their own domain to improve page ranking. Baka makatulong din sa yo to?

vernaloo said...

Hi Jo.

Hmmm don't know anything about this one but hey I hope the right people could give you the help you need. Goodluck!

ghee said...

gee...nadale ka na rin,Jo?im still lucky pala na maimaintain ko ang PR ko,pero kinakabahan na ako..

i have no idea Jo..PR is not about the traffic din sabi nila.

kaya i bought a new domain,if ever na mawala lahat ng PR ng 4 blogs ko,hehe.
chaka mas maraming opps pag sarili mo ang domain.

wala pala akong blogitive and bloggerware ah?bago sa kin yun?pero,di muna ako mag aaply,di ako makapag post,na i expired lang naman..hayy..shadong busy..

i hope may malaman kang tips Jo then share them to us.

good luck!!


chung said...

wow, ang laki pala ng kinikita sa paid blogging! you were able to buy a phone solely from your blog? galing!

sorry di ako makakatulong, nagulat lang ako na ganon pala kalaki kinikita :D

MrsPartyGirl said...

hi jo, sorry wala akong masyadong idea about raising the page rank. pero hindi lang ikaw ang naging "biktima" niyan. most of the paid bloggers i know, inalisan din ng PR ng google. sabi nila, its because hindi na kumukuha ng ads ang sponsors sa google, thru adsites na lang kasi mas mura. kaya google daw is cracking down on the paid bloggers as a strategy. i've been told na a solution daw is to create another blog and build-up the PR again from zero, kasi hindi na daw talaga ibinabalik ng google ang PR whatever you do.

anyway, i hope someone will be able to help you about this. good luck and i hope you get your DSLR soon. :)

Raquel said...

Jo, your topic is very interesting. As I have observed, they randomly pick bloggers na magka PR and the truth is some bloggers are not deserving sa PR. Can you imgaine, kahit 5M lang ang alexa ay nagka PR3 na. Ang iba naman may PR3 or 4, ay nagiging come? Rumors says, it's all about ad competition especially kung nag PPP ka. May ibang blogs din na nagiging 0 pero bumalik din ang PR nila. Pa swerte-swerte nalang tau. Mas advantage nga mas marami tayong blog para pag ma zero ang isang blog, malay natin magka PR naman ang iba nating blog.

evi said...

hi jo,

i monitor my alexa ranking but i'm definitely clueless about google ranking. i tried smorty but they would not accept it because my url is with htm extension. i can't make my blog my main page because as you know that's intended for my personal website.

JO said...

Hi Jen,
A lot of people are saying that too, so yesterday I bought my own domain name and redirected my blogspot there... is that ok?

Hi Verns,

Hi Ghee,
Blogitive and bloggerware have few opportunities only... or maybe I sign up after my PR went down... dont really know.

JO said...

Hi Chung,
Kung matiyaga ka maghanap ng opportunities, malaki ang potential. Give it a try... links on the left side bar.

Hi Meeya,

Hi Raquel,
Ayan, as per your advice, I got my own domain name na... kailan kaya ako magkakaroon ng PR ulit?

Hi Evi,
OIC. yup smorty doesn't allow subdomains.

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

lahat yata ng gumagawa ng paid post nadadale. maski man ako kahit sariling domain na. sabi ng smorty kelangan daw remove yung tag na sponsored kasi nata-track down

siguro sa ppp di mo lang natyitimpuhan, pero meron yan, tyaga lang kakaabang hanggang sumaket pwetty kakaupo, heehee

Junnie said...

i hope you get the page rank back, or the other ppp sites reconsider...para you can have the DSLR of your choice...$ 500 for a Nikon D40 might do...with free lenses pa- di ba?

JO said...

Hi Girlie,
Buti ka pa mukhang di ka nawawalan ng opps... i remove all the labels on my SP posts.

Hi Junnie,
I know its possible to buy DSLR through paid blogging... just a matter of increasing my rank to see more opps. I think D40 comes with 1 set of lens. Haven't really checked them out kasi maglalaway lang ako. But I've been reading a lot about DSLR.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jo. Matagal na din ako PR 0. I think nauna maging 0 ang PR ko sayo. I rarely get PPP opps anymore so I depend nalang on SP. Yung Payu2blog di rin ako nakareceive ng feedback from them.