Almost, Always

At the airport. Whenever I see family travelling together, I try to talk to the children and this is the answer I get 99% of the time.

ME: "Hi sweetie. Where are you going?"
KID: "Disneyland."
ME: "Oh, can I come with you? I love Mickey."
KID: [shaking head] "No."

TT #42: 13 things about Patrick

13 things about Patrick

  1. In school. His favorite subjects are Math and Science.
  2. He plays the recorder.
  3. He hates writing. He prefers to write in print than in script.
  4. Future occupation. He loves to talk... he could actually be a reporter.
  5. On food. He loves to eat and he is willing to try any food but doesn't like sweet [cake/chocolate] too much.
  6. He is very good at puzzles or building things together.
  7. On chores. He hates doing housechores especially cleaning up his own room. He does help me sort out the recycling items.
  8. Favorite pastime. He loves to read before bedtime. He is currently into Archie's comic books and Pokemon's chapter books.
  9. He prefers to sleep with a night lamp on.
  10. He is a very loving, caring child and is not afraid to show/express his feelings.
  11. He loves to play, everyday and every waking minute.
  12. On being a big brother. He is caring and very protective of his younger sister.
  13. He values money. He loves to save his money in his bank account and knows by heart how much he has up to the last cent.

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Random things

  • 13 more days to go... and tax season will be over! Stop procastinating and file your taxes now.
  • 13 more days to go and MIL will leave for NYC before heading back home.
  • MIL watched the full series from season 1 of Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Lost and now Prison Break [that is, while we were all at work/school].
  • My house is a mess and I can't find the time to do my chores.
  • My fridge is full of left over food... and I hate it.
  • I've been seeing some white hair and decided its time for me to buy a tweezer. And then I discovered I had pulled out 24 white hair already! huhuhu.... I am getting old.
  • 43 days to go and we will going back home.
  • Eversince I had my own domain, I can't seem to see the flower of my template anymore. And I don't have the time to figure out why... do you still see the flower on my template? or do you just see a small box on top? Can anybody please give me an idea what is wrong?

That's it for now...

Our funny weather

Yesterday, we had a blizzard...
at 8:30am this is what our streets looks like...

Trees were covered with snow

Ooops... where are you going?
[This is a right turn lane.]

Morning traffic on a day like this is common...
and I was late... and so did almost everybody else!

Car breakdown causes traffic jam. This is around 9am...

Where did all the snow go???
Above photo taken at approx 2:30pm [on the same day]...

And then... it started snowing again at approx 4pm...

And when I came home... I saw this...

the wonderful work of art of my kids!!!
Our front yard is the only one that looked like this.

And that's a typical Calgary weather!

TT# 41: 13 journal list

13 things in my daughter's journal

During the spring break, I ask my kids to write 10 sentences each day in their journal about anything under the sun. Here's a compilation of what my daughter have to say.
  1. I am good at basketball.
  2. I told Lola [grandma] what are odd and even numbers.
  3. Yesterday I went biking with 4 friends.
  4. My piano can make different sounds.
  5. I love my family. I love myself.
  6. I love to speak French at school.
  7. Patrick knows how to make pizza.
  8. Patrick knows how to make noodles.
  9. I helped Patrick with making the pizza by putting on the cheese.
  10. I helped Patrick with making the pizza by putting on the pepperoni.
  11. I eat the pepperoni first because I loved it.
  12. I am the first customer.
  13. Patrick is really funny.
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Yet another milestone

My daughter just celebrated her first communion yesterday [April 6]. I had her worn the dress she worn when she was a flower girl at age 5... hehehe... the dress is a little shorter now, but it still fits her perfectly.

Pictures were taken using my new DSLR.

Her wash cloth

The first Communion group with Father Vargas [Filipino priest]

brother and sister

Her banner hanging at the reception area
Many many thanks to my MIL who made this banner!

and her certificate

Tag #25

This is a long overdue tag from Vanessa.

10 things that made me happy!

  1. Hubby's love and support.
  2. MIL's 2-month visit to help me with the kids.
  3. Patrick and Patricia's help in cleaning up the fridge.
  4. Final sale of our house in Manila.
  5. My new DSLR camera.
  6. My own domain.
  7. Paystub/paycheck.
  8. Tax season.
  9. Friends trusting me to do their taxes.
  10. Having a group of Pinoy friends at work and being invited to Pinoy parties and gatherings. [My social life is back in full swing!]

Tag #24

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