Random things

  • 13 more days to go... and tax season will be over! Stop procastinating and file your taxes now.
  • 13 more days to go and MIL will leave for NYC before heading back home.
  • MIL watched the full series from season 1 of Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Lost and now Prison Break [that is, while we were all at work/school].
  • My house is a mess and I can't find the time to do my chores.
  • My fridge is full of left over food... and I hate it.
  • I've been seeing some white hair and decided its time for me to buy a tweezer. And then I discovered I had pulled out 24 white hair already! huhuhu.... I am getting old.
  • 43 days to go and we will going back home.
  • Eversince I had my own domain, I can't seem to see the flower of my template anymore. And I don't have the time to figure out why... do you still see the flower on my template? or do you just see a small box on top? Can anybody please give me an idea what is wrong?

That's it for now...


Gina said...

hi Jo! yea, what ever happened to the pretty orchid header?? I hope you will figure out how to make it appear again. Maybe just a little bit of tweaking needed in your template html...?

NOOO, don't pull out those white hairs. Better dye your hair na lang seguro. Take it from someone who's got a thinning crown =P

evi said...

jo, i think you need to upload the jpg file.

i always file our taxes way ahead of time. btw jo, i wasn't able to file my RRSP contribution made on the first 60 days of the year in my 2007 tax return because i already filed when i got the receipt. can i still include this in my 2008 tax return? i thought i should ask you coz you're the expert.

JO said...

Hi Gina,
If I republish my template, only then will I see the orchid again. But once I close my IE and open a new one, its gone again. Haaaayyy!

Hi Evi,
I tried re-uploading, but it doesn't work! RE your question: you will need to make adjustment to your 2007 tax return.

Junnie said...

wala na siya. i think the picture has to be where the domain is now? ilagay mo sa server and change the URL to the new one...


it might be telling you to change skins... whatchatink?

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jo. I take after my Dad that's why I started having white hair at a young age. I strongly suggest not to pull out too much white hair at once, it might cause stress on your scalp.

Hope someone can help you figure out how to bring back your pretty header.

Take care.

JO said...

Hi Junnie,
No time to change template for now... and I don't know how to load the template to the new domain. :-( I'm clueless.

Hi Rach,
I know... but I just hate seeing white hair, especially if its soooo obvious.