Tag #25

This is a long overdue tag from Vanessa.

10 things that made me happy!

  1. Hubby's love and support.
  2. MIL's 2-month visit to help me with the kids.
  3. Patrick and Patricia's help in cleaning up the fridge.
  4. Final sale of our house in Manila.
  5. My new DSLR camera.
  6. My own domain.
  7. Paystub/paycheck.
  8. Tax season.
  9. Friends trusting me to do their taxes.
  10. Having a group of Pinoy friends at work and being invited to Pinoy parties and gatherings. [My social life is back in full swing!]


Junnie said...

haha, JO. I know you're from DLSU...pero you got a DSLR :P

happiness is always good

Raquel said...

Type ko talaga ang DSLR mo, would you mind if I ask the price? How big the mega pixel?

JO said...

Hi Junnie,

Hi Raquel,
6.1 megapixel. Here's the link.