TT #42: 13 things about Patrick

13 things about Patrick

  1. In school. His favorite subjects are Math and Science.
  2. He plays the recorder.
  3. He hates writing. He prefers to write in print than in script.
  4. Future occupation. He loves to talk... he could actually be a reporter.
  5. On food. He loves to eat and he is willing to try any food but doesn't like sweet [cake/chocolate] too much.
  6. He is very good at puzzles or building things together.
  7. On chores. He hates doing housechores especially cleaning up his own room. He does help me sort out the recycling items.
  8. Favorite pastime. He loves to read before bedtime. He is currently into Archie's comic books and Pokemon's chapter books.
  9. He prefers to sleep with a night lamp on.
  10. He is a very loving, caring child and is not afraid to show/express his feelings.
  11. He loves to play, everyday and every waking minute.
  12. On being a big brother. He is caring and very protective of his younger sister.
  13. He values money. He loves to save his money in his bank account and knows by heart how much he has up to the last cent.

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Chris said...

I love that he plays recorder! Music is such a great art to have.

evi said...

that's good that at a young age, patrick already knows how to save for a rainy day.

Heart of Rachel said...

Patricia is lucky to have such a caring brother who takes good care of her.

Junnie said...

Hi Patrick, how are you? do you miss noggin' your tito Junnie? hehe. Hope you are still the good boy we knew from when you were here in Mississauga. Hope to see you soon!

JO said...

Hi Chris,
He loves the recorder.

Hi Evi,
Yes. Given a choice, he would choose to save money over a birthday party.

Hi Rach,
Yes, they love each other... that is if they are not fighting... hehehe

Hi Junnie,
He misses your kulitan. :-)

Raquel said...

I think #7 is very common among boys.

Great list about Patrick. I like best #12.

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Yes, he is very protective of his sister and he is not afraid to show it. I guess bihira yan sa mga boys, di ba?