"I Know Green From Red"

I am very poor with direction. I don't know my North from my South and East and West. I can get myself from point A to point B, but with advance planning on the route that I have to take.

I've been asking hubby to buy me a GPS for years now. But since the one that we wanted are out of our budget, we have to use google/MSN maps to give us direction.

Last Christmas, hubby found one that was on sale. For only $99 I got a GPS. It talks and gives you turn by turn direction. But I never had to use it since I just drive myself from home to work everyday.

MIL's last weekend here, we took her to Banff Gondola. Hubby asks me to turn on the GPS to guide us. I was sitting at the back seat while my MIL was sitting on the passenger seat so that she will be more comfortable with the long drive.

HUBBY: [Giving instruction while driving] "Just turn it on and put it on maps. Wait for the signal to turn green."
ME: "OK"
GPS: "GPS signal too low..... GPS signal too low...."

After more than 5 minutes --

ME: "It's not turning green."
HUBBY: "Did you leave it on maps? It should turn green after a minute or 2.... [getting frustrated] Are you looking at the right one?"
ME: "Yes, its on map screen." [Stubbornly] "I think I know the color green from red! It doesn't work!"

At the same time, I was showing it to the other family sitting beside me. After a few more minutes, I decided to go to the screen where it gives you the direction...

ME: "Tita, did you see it green?"
TITA: "It's still red."

So the GPS is now giving us direction, but hubby didn't want to follow it since I told him it is still "red." He said that the direction will not be accurate if its red.

Finally, I decided to ask AJ [Tita's 14 year old son] for the icon of the GPS signal...

And here I was waiting for this red light to turn green [which is the power light, and will only turn green when the GPS is fully charged.] --

When the GPS signal is this little icon here --

Waaaaahhh!!! Anyway, we were able to reach our destination the long way...


ghee said...

i love the new look!I thought i was in the wrong site :)

i need one,too!and that was funny,Jo,kaya pala di nag green,hehe.

belated happy moms day pala!

Heart of Rachel said...

How nice that you already have a GPS.

Glad everything ended in a good note.

JO said...

Hi Ghee,
Thanks! I don't have plans to change template, but since my template is no longer appearing on my new domain, I decided to give it a new look.

Hi Rach,
Thanks! I really needed a GPS!

Gina said...

For our anniversary, we gifted ourselves with a GPS. =P

Talagang impressed ako sa performance niya! We tried many times to use a different route than it suggests to test it, we get a kick when the voice says- calculating (or recalculating) route...we thought, mamaya,sisigaw na yan ng 'Ang tigas naman ng ulo ninyo!' heheh.

Can hardly wait to do more roadtrips this summer.

tintin said...

We got one of these. Woody had to drive all the way from Dallas to Las Vegas so we thought he'd better have one. It has been a lifesaver.

Junnie said...

we love long drives...but managed always to arrive ahead of time without a GPS...well, now we have Blackberry maps, but just the fact that you have to turn it on is hassle to me...

kaya mo yan, without it

Analyse said...

we've been relying our travel destinations since we had we our gps. it's really handy when it works ;)

ethel said...

hi Jo salamat sa visit ;)
wala kaming GSP kaya lagi kaming naliligaw kapag vacation time ahehehe

evi said...

jo, i thought nag-comment na ako.

we don't have a GPS kaya if do get one baka ganyan din ako. hehe...

JO said...

Hi Gina,
Mine also includes warning like "you are exceeding the speed limit" even if we are within the speed limit!

Hi Tintin,
It is a life saver indeed.

Hi Junnie,
With GPS, you saved a lot of time looking at maps to see if you are still on the right track. You should invest in one since you love road trips as much as we do.

JO said...

Hi Analyse,
Did you ever have a case where it doesn't work?

Hi Ethel and Evi,
Time to buy one! I would really recommend it esp if you do a lot of outings.

pining said...

I like one of those too... if only I can convince the husband to get a new(ish) car too...

JO said...

Hi Evelyn,
I'm sure that time will eventually come... thanks for visiting.