PMN Family Photo: Inside the fridge

I didn't attempt to organize or clean this fridge before taking this picture.
But this is not a normal picture of my fridge, I don't usually have so much left overs. But with me working 7 days a week, MIL just love to keep even the smallest portion of left overs and then neglecting to serve them. MIL left for NYC last Wednesday. And yesterday, I clean up the fridge and it is back to normal, that is, no more left overs!

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Diana Joy said...

With all the kids coming in and out of our house....that is a picture of our fridge...on a good day! lol
Diana Joy

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jo. Thank you for taking time to read my previous posts on both blogs. I appreciate all your comments.

I almost forgot about PMN Family Pics. Thanks for reminding me. I think your ref looks organized as it is. Glad you were able to deal with those left overs. We also have quite a number of left overs in the ref that I have to deal with later.

Raquel said...

Wow, well organized. I have those small containers for Maria's foods. Yay, 4 cans of coke!

JO said...

Hi Diana,
Hope you are doing well.

Hi Rach,
Just trying to catch up with my readings. Don't want you to think that I neglected your blogs.

Hi Raquel,
Hahaha... I can't hide my addiction to coke eh.

Raquel said...

Jo, I have checked your PR...Wow! Nagka PR1 ka.

Linnor said...

We used to have lots of leftovers. Now I buy portions of meat that's just good for 1-2 meals. It helps in minimizing the leftovers stored in our fridge. Konti na lang. :)

christine said...

i also don't like the sight of our fridge with tons of leftovers.. :(

btw, welcome back blogging! here's a tag for you:

Junnie said...

i havent seen our fridge this clean...puro sauce ng salad, fruits and other things...which reminds me to do spring cleaning even for our fridge.

caryn said...

wow your fridge is so tidy! hehehe. it reminded me that i have to defrost and clean up mine again soon.

Anonymous said...

We also usually have left-overs that gets neglected. I clean out the fridge in the weekend to make room for new groceries. Minsan natatapon na rin yung mga left-overs. sayang lang

I'm blogging at this link for the mean time.

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Oo nga. Nagulat din ako. Sana tumaas pa.

Hi Linnor,
I have learned how to cook just enough for us to avoid so many leftovers.

Hi Christine,
Thanks. Will do the tag soon.

JO said...

Hi Junnie,
You considered that as clean? To me, clean is without leftovers.

Hi Caryn,
Welcome to my blog!

Hi Irene,
Yes, I try to avoid throwing out food as much as I can. But after MIL left, I just threw everything out since I don't know how long they've been in the fridge.